Which flag should we use today…

Which flag should we use today…

07-12-2017 14:00:00

The easiest way to try to bypass sea territory lines and administrative hassle can be waving a suitable flag. A Chinese ship in Indonesian waters tried this maneuver, but the ship was held back by the Coast Guard. On board, the authorities found six different flags.

There are legal reasons to explain having flags from six different states on board a ship. But the Indonesian authorities are convinced, that this was not the case for the Chinese fishing vessel, which was held back by authorities the other day.

The authorities found flags from East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, China, the Philippines and Indonesia, on board on the ship

According to minister of Indonesian naval and fishery industry Susi Pudjiastuti, the ship is suspected of replacing its own flag to circumvent fishery adjustments.

The incident was made possible by coordinated efforts from authorities in Australia, Indonesia and Global Fishing Watch.

Surveillance had shown that the vessel had trespassed Indonesian waters 19 times during the last four months.

In the ship's cargo bay, authorities allegedly found hundreds of protected tiger sharks.

Source: Maritime Executive

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