Cosco beats Maersk Line in container volume

Cosco beats Maersk Line in container volume

30-11-2017 13:00:00

For the first time ever, Cosco beat Maersk Line in the third quarter on the leading board of the worlds largest container shipping company, measured by the number of TEU’s handled in the quarter of the year. But the reason behind the results is the most elaborate hacking attack against Maersk.

Cosco raised the handled container volume in the third quarter of the year with 23 pct. to 5,49 million TEU and by that beat Maersk Line, who had 5,26 million TEU. The results are shown in Alphaliners year list, according to Splash.

Whether or not this makes Cosco the worlds largest in the quarter of the year, measured on the number of containers that have been handled can not be determined, due to the fact that the worlds second largest container shipping company, MSC, has not been under evaluation.

Container shipping companies are normally ranked after their capacity measured in TEU, and in terms of this Maersk Line has earned the top spot on the list with a cut of the worlds total capacity of 16,7 pct. or 3.92.193 TEU, According to Alphaliner´s Top100 chart

On top of this 2,7 pct. is added from Hamburg Süd, which makes the Danish shipping company in control of 19,4 pct. of the world’s container fleet measured in capacity of TEU.

In second place is MSC who has a market cut of 14,6 procent, followed by CMA CGM with 11,6 pct, and in fourth place is Cosco with a cut of 8,5 pct.

But added to this is a capacity of 3,2 pct. from OOCL, which Cosco purchased this summer, and these 3,2 pct. brings the Chinese shipping company’s total to 11,7 pct., and by that they come in at third place right before CMA CGM, according to Alphaliner’s Top 100 chart.

Source: Splash & Alphaliner / Maritime Danmark

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