Express ferries approved for Bornholm

Express ferries approved for Bornholm

27-11-2017 09:00:00

The Swedish transport agency have approved catamaran ferries from Molslinjen, a landscape on the east coast of Jutland, to sail between the city of Rønne and Swedish city Ystad, TV2 Bornholm informs. There was a certain anticipation regarding the decision, due to the stern waves created by ferries.

”We have investigated the simulation of the wave heights the ferries make, and by this we were confirmed that the ferries tangents the borderland of the acceptable. But the calculation model is conservative, and we agree that the wave heights will be similar to the norm,” says Sebastion Irons, from the Swedish Transport Agency’s section for sea traffic, to Ystad Allehanda.

Because of this it the approval carries significance for Molslinjen, as they are to take over the ferry service from September 1st 2018.

The size of the stern waves created by high-speed ferries has in the past created debates in Århus.

Source: TV 2 Bornholm / Maritime

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