Rreform strengthens martime educations

Rreform strengthens martime educations
Jakob Ullegaard, Director, Danish Shipping

27-11-2017 11:15:00

On Friday, A broad majority at Christiansborg agreed on how to distribute funding for academic educational programs. The deal will for instance focus on schools, which are not located in larger cities – and this is a good thing, according to Danish Shipping.

The reform has impact on how to use the 13 billion kroner, which Denmark annually spend on its 270.000 students.

”This reform focuses on higher quality in educational programs, and that students are secured jobs once they have finished their studies. At the same time, the reform creates the opportunity for people to enroll in education programs all across Denmark, and secures a larger number of students enrolling in science and technical education programs in the future,” says Søren Pind, Minister of Education and Science

The reform puts more money towards educational institutions outside of Denmark’s four major cities. For instance, the international maritime academy, Simac, which educates sea captains, ship officers and marine engineers, will be one of the organization based in a smaller city who will reap the benefits of the reform – and this a good thing according to Danish Shipping.

”With back-to-back support of this reform in the Danish Parliament, many great institutions are secured funding for the future. On top of that, it shows political acknowledgement of the value of good institutions that are decentralized, where maritime educations are popular among the people looking to enroll in educational programs,” says jakob Ullegård, Director of Danish Shipping, who are looking forward to seeing the details of the outcome of the reform.

Source: Danish Shipping

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