Pirate attacks inhibits the growth of West Africa

Pirate attacks inhibits the growth of West Africa

24-11-2017 10:00:00

The threat of pirates risks exceeding the positive growth the West African economies in 2017, like Ghana, that currently has an official visit from Denmark. Pirate attacks continue to be a major problem for the countries around the Bay of Guinea.

"It is important that sufficient capacity be built to combat piracy and other maritime crime. Denmark has, as a major maritime nation, undertaken an important task of helping with capacity building, training and education. We hope this effort will continue in the future," says Anne H. Steffensen, Managing Director of Danske Rederier, who is a member of the Danish delegation in Ghana.

Denmark plays an important role in combating piracy attacks in West Africa, which poses a threat to maritime security and hence the growth of countries dependent on maritime transport. 10 percent of total Danish exports are to Africa. Danish shipping companies therefore rely on safe routes in and around Ghana.

Already in 2017, 20 attacks from pirates in the area have been reported, according to a report from the International Maritime Bureau. It is therefore important that the West African countries have the capabilities to protect their waters, including their offshore oil installations.

Danish shipping companies do business worth 740 million DKK a year in Ghana, and there is potential for further growth in the country. Danish Rederier participates in the Danish state visit to Ghana with H. M. Queen Margrethe and Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen in the period November 23-25.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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