Great demand for engineers

Great demand for engineers

23-11-2017 13:00:00

There is complete employment among engineers, and more than ever have started the education. But even more engineers are needed, Minister of Education and Research Søren Pind noted at the opening of the business conference Ajour 2017.

There is a lack of skilled labor and a lack of technical skills possessed by the engineers. Per Jørgensen, chairman of the Engineers’ Association, said so at the opening of Ajour 2017, the engineers annual business conference at the Odense Congress Center.

"Together with the country's engineer schools, the Engineers' Association works to increase the number of engineer students from 3,000 to 6,000 - but the quality and relevance of education must always be updated, and education continues to contain the elements demanded by the labor market," said Per Jørgensen at the opening of the 17th edition of Ajour.

Per Jørgensen also highlighted the UN's 17 goals for global sustainable development by 2030.
"We are in a transition period, and the UN's 17 world goals are important because they form a common foundation for how we as companies, as organizations and individuals must act to make a difference," said Per Jørgensen.

We, as engineers are a large part of the conversion, just like many of the companies that exhibit at Ajour. We are working on perhaps the most ambitious plan for the evolution of the planet ever.

Source: Maskinmestrenes Forening / Maritime Denmark

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