Vestas has signed Russian order

Vestas has signed Russian order

22-11-2017 15:00:00

Together with OOO Fortum Energy, Vestas has signed the first order for delivery of turbines to the Russian market. The order includes 14 V126-3.6 MW turbines for an unnamed 50 MW project.

With the agreement, Vestas and OOO Fortum Energy take the lead role in spreading wind energy in Russia and will work with local partners to establish a strong local production capacity and supply chain.

This includes the establishment of a wing factory in the Ulyanovsk region, as well as a nacelles assembly plant in the Nizhnij Novgorod region and a tower factory in the Rostov region, Vestas wrote in a press release.

In order to build and set high standards in the relatively young Russian sustainable energy sector, Vestas will use and share its experience from the entire value chain in wind energy. This includes assistance with placement of all wind farms, Vestas' market-leading products and service solutions, establishment of local production capacity, establishment and optimization of the local supply chain and installation of wind turbines.

"As the global leader in wind energy, it is an expression of our commitment to Russia that Vestas, together with Fortum Energy, has a strong role in the world's fourth largest electricity market's journey towards more sustainable energy. Vestas, with its 4MW platform, will deliver its most advanced technology and market-leading energy prices, as well as a local production and supply chain that will provide sustainable energy, while providing long-term jobs across several Russian regions," says Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Central Europe.

Source: Vestas / Maritime Denmark

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