Danish focus on autonomous shipping

Danish focus on autonomous shipping

15-11-2017 10:00:00

The Maritime Authority's Conference on Autonomous Ships focuses strongly on the possibilities of utilizing new technology on ships. The Danish Maritime Authority can take the next step in the effort to create a safe, secure framework for the utilization of new technology in shipping.

"In the government, we think it is crucial that Denmark is the leader in digitalization and there is a huge potential for digitalization in shipping. I, the Minister of Business, will ensure that the regulation provides support so that the industry can exploit growth opportunities without encountering unnecessary barriers," said Brian Mikkelsen.

At the international conference "Zooming in on autonomous ships" yesterday, which the Danish Maritime Authority, in collaboration with Danske Rederier and Danske Maritime, was behind, the consulting firm Rambøll and the law firm CORE could show a couple of things from a new report.
The report comes with a number of concrete proposals for areas where the Danish Maritime Authority may favorably introduce new regulations to promote digitalization in shipping.

The Rambøll/CORE report, which is expected to be published on December 1, 2017, will list a number of areas where new regulations must be made for companies and shipping companies to take the new technology into daily use.

Some of the concrete areas of the report, which were announced at today's conference, were how maritime traffic rules should apply to autonomous ships and what the crew should possess of competencies, like when the ship is to be remotely controlled from land.

Compared to the new technology, you can talk about several variations of autonomous ships. Right from automatic ship management with crew members on board to full autonomy without people on board. It is especially at full autonomy that the rules will be challenged and must be devised in a new way, so security is still in the top.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Denmark

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