The DMA has moved into Korsør

The DMA has moved into Korsør

10-11-2017 13:00:00

The Minister of Business invokes the Danish Maritime Authority's new headquarters in Korsør alongside the mayor of Slagelse and the director of Danske Rederier. The Danish Maritime Authority's relocation to Korsør is part of the government's plan for relocating government jobs.

"I think it's great that the Danish Maritime Authority has now moved to Korsør. For the Danish Maritime Authority's employees, it is important that a fixed framework has now been established for the future. And for Korsør, it means new jobs and prospects for growth as a result of the Danish Maritime Authority arriving in the city says the Minister of Business Brian Mikkelsen.

The Danish Maritime Authority's move to Korsør is part of the Government's plan to balance Denmark by moving government jobs closer to citizens and businesses.

Initially, the Danish Maritime Authority has moved to temporary premises at Fjordvænget 30, 4220 Korsør, until the final domicile is ready. Currently, 50 employees have moved in, and this figure will gradually increase until all of them are finally in place in Korsør in 2019.

Source: Erhvervsministeriet / Maritime Denmark

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