Danske Maritime against small climate goals

Danske Maritime against small climate goals

25-10-2017 14:00:00

Danske Maritime believes that there is no technical excuse for small climate ambitions. Danish maritime technology can meet high international climate requirements for shipping. It's just about getting started, says Danske Maritime.

"The technology is present, so there are no excuses based on technology in order not to have as high climate ambitions as possible. It's just about getting started," says CEO Jenny N. Braat in Danske Maritime.

Her opinion is voiced because today's ambitions and goals for the shipping climate's impact on an IMO meeting in London are being discussed. Danske Maritime is represented at the IMO meeting through Deputy Director Michael Prehn.

Several of Danske Maritime's members have developed advanced technology and climate-friendly solutions that are available in the market. A wider dissemination and use of available technology will benefit the climate, the world community and our descendants.

"The maritime industry in Denmark provides well-proven technology and is willing to join in partnerships with shipping companies, authorities and other parts of the shipping industry. This will produce results so that the individual shipping company and individual country can reduce the impact on the climate and provide evidence that the agreed climate goals have been reached," says Jenny N. Braat.

Source: Danske Maritime / Maritime Denmark

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