Denmark is green exception in critical report

Denmark is green exception in critical report

23-10-2017 13:00:00

Danske Rederier and Maersk are highlighted as green exceptions in a critical report on how the shipping organizations, Bimco, ICS and WSC, have managed IMO and avoided or delayed reduction of greenhouse gases in shipping.

It is the UK non-profit company InfluenceMap, which in its new report reveals how Bimco, International Champer of Shipping (ICS) and the World Shipping Council (WSC) managed to keep the shipping sector out of binding agreements on greenhouse gas reduction in the Paris agreement.

The report highlights that organizations have an unprecedented influence in the UN's context in the UN Maritime Organization IMO. When meetings have been held in the IMO Environment Committee, 31 percent of member states have been partly represented by business interests.

"IMO appears to be the only UN agency that allows such a comprehensive representation of business interests in the political process," the InfluenceMap report stated.

It is the three organizations that have been lobbying to postpone the introduction of greenhouse gas reduction measures by 2023 and reject binding agreements, the report says. It points out that it is the Greek resistance to climate demands that affects the industry because of the great influence of Greek interests in all three organizations.

In contrast, Maersk Line and Danske Rederier fight for the sector make greater efforts to reduce its share of CO2 emissions in the world.

Danske Rederier and the Swedish Shipowners' Association are specifically mentioned for proposing dramatic cuts in shipping emissions, and are referred to as progressive players who can argue for greater climate action in IMO.
InfluenceMap has timed the publication of the critical report this week, where the IMO calls for a meeting on climate again.

Source: InfluenceMap / Maritime Denmark

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