More new engineers from Copenhagen

More new engineers from Copenhagen
Per Jørgensen, Chairman of the Engineers´Association.

17-10-2017 12:00:00

The engineers' union president Per Jørgensen wants to double the number of students at the Copenhagen Engineer's School, after moving to the new facilities in Lyngby. The school's new building was officially opened on September 28 this year.

"Capacity is many things. Of course, there is room for the many engineer students, but there is also room for expansion, and capacity is also equipment, workshop facilities and study environment, and that means a lot when attracting more students," says the chairman of The Engineers' Association Per Jørgensen to DR.

Per Jørgensen, who looks forward to the new major engineer school in the metropolitan area with much better facilities, has a goal of doubling the number of students over a number of years to meet the needs of engineers in the future.

"It is in every way a modern educational environment where there is a connection between theory and practice," says Per Jørgensen.

The engineer's school, Copenhagen's new building in Lyngby, was officially opened September 28 this year. There was no longer room in the previous building at DTU. Since 2008, the number of students has increased from 199 to 850 today. With the new building, the school is now much better equipped to train future engineers to match the needs of the labor market.
The new engineer school is 12,000 square meters, and the 230-meter-long building includes a completely new workshop, in addition to new laboratories, auditoriums and other necessary facilities for engineer training.

See Per Jørgensen comment on the new possibilities for DR from the introduction of the video here.

Source: DR and the editors of Maritime Denmark

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