Maersk awarded prestigious Grand Prix

Maersk awarded prestigious Grand Prix

30-09-2017 15:10:00

Maersk's online corporate branding campaign 'The Heart of Trade' has been awarded The Grand Prix award at the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. The campaign is a series of authentic films celebrating the everyday entrepreneur of this world as the true hero of global trade.

The films intend to provide a human perspective on global trade and portray three self-made trade champions of the +60.000 Maersk customers that keep the wheels of world trade going around. Each film in this campaign is signed off with "We [Heart] Trade”.
"Trade is the pulse of the global economy. It accounts for roughly 60% of global GDP and as the leading network of container logistics we have a role to play in the constant drive towards further enabling people to trade”, says Jon Black Andersen, Head of Corporate Branding.

“Through our Heart of Trade campaign, we are highlighting the human perspective, a tiny selection of a realm of great stories of local entrepreneurs creating growth and prosperity in local communities through trade.  Since the launch of the campaign more than 5.5 million people have watched the videos online. Having long worked to position Maersk as thought leader within global trade, this campaign builds on this by remembering what trade is ultimately about and how our most important job is to everyday support our customers in realizing their dreams".

The Heart of Trade is directed by Malcolm Green and produced by Ursus and M2Film.
For more information and to discover 'The Heart of Trade' campaign please click HERE

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