New Head of Commercial Wind in Esvagt

New Head of Commercial Wind in Esvagt

19-09-2017 11:00:00

With its unique SOV concepts, Esvagt has established itself as a market leader in innovative ship solutions for offshore wind. It is Esvagt's continued growth in the offshore wind market, which 43-year-old Rune Østergaard will be in charge of.

"I have a good knowledge of the entire value chain and experience in seeing optimization and the possibility of innovative solutions. Esvagt is a recognized partner in developing customized concepts, and I look forward to continuing that work," says Rune Østergaard.

Rune Østergaard has extensive industry knowledge as a strong foundation for solving the task. He has experience both as a subcontractor for wind turbine manufacturers in Denmark as well as in the United States, and as part of the wind turbine industry, he has worked closely with customers to solve their needs.

Rune Østergaard joins a position as Head of Strategic Customer Management in Siemens Wind Power.

Source: Esvagt / Maritime Denmark

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