Autonomous ships require international rules

Autonomous ships require international rules

14-09-2017 14:00:00

The development of autonomous ships progresses faster than expected. It is shown in a report from Lloyd's Register, which was presented at the London Shipping Week this week. Already within the next couple of years, the first ships can be deployed. It requires international rules, says Danske Rederier.

"It's important we donít just wait and see. Politically, there is great support in the area in Denmark, where we would like to test autonomous ships in Danish waters. But shipping is international, and therefore we canít use national regulations in this area," says Deputy Director of Danske Rederier, Maria Bruun Skipper.

Before the ships are built, the report recommends that the field of autonomous ships is regulated internationally, thus avoiding independent national rules that may be difficult to enforce internationally if they are not evenly designed.

The concern is shared with Danske Rederier, where Maria Bruun Skipper is pressuring IMO to get the framework for autonomous ships in place as soon as possible. IMO focuses on the problem in which Denmark and other countries have pressured to analyze the existing regulation.

"Future regulation must consider the rapid development currently taking place. We must also look at what current rules block this development. The report here shows that it goes faster than expected, and therefore we must also speed up this process," says Maria Bruun Skipper.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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