Huge party at Lindø

Huge party at Lindø

14-09-2017 16:00:00

About 100 guests related to the building and Lindø were involved in the tour of six new halls today. The buildings are established in connection with an existing building, some of which are demolished to accommodate almost 2,500 square meters of new modern halls.

"Lindø has once again become a big workplace in Funen. When the Lindø yard closed, about 3000 employees went down with it. Now we have turned the development, and about 3,000 employees go to work at Lindø daily. Nearly 100 companies run their businesses and make projects on our port area, and just think we should be here just 8 years after the industrial park's establishment and celebrate the construction of new buildings," said Carsten Aa, managing director of Lindø port of Odense A/S.

Lindø's almost 100 companies in the maritime and offshore industry are attracting more and more projects. New companies come as renters, and some of what is lacking in Lindø are heated halls. The construction of the six new halls is the first step towards a future at Lindø, with several new buildings and much larger areas and more docks on the upcoming harbor expansion in Lindø's northern end.

Dansk Halbyggeri A/S has the building enterprice of the halls and, of course, also participated in the party with their subcontractors.

"Dansk Halbyggeri wishes to point out that cooperation with Lindø port of Odense in the whole process of the project has been good and we want to congratulate them on the project," said project manager Michael Mølgaard, Dansk Halbyggeri A/S.

Source: Lindø port of Odense A/S / Maritime Denmark

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