Blue Water gets CEO from Esvagt

Blue Water gets CEO from Esvagt
Søren N. Thomsen, new CEO at Blue Water Shipping.

08-09-2017 12:00:00

It will be 51-year-old managing director of Esvagt, Søren N. Thomsen, who will now be head of Blue Water Shipping. He replaces the company's founder, Kurt Skov, who has served as CEO since the beginning of 2016, when the then director resigned.

It is an experienced man with a long career in shipping and shipping industry, now becoming the head of Blue Water Shipping's 1500 employees in 60 offices around the world.
Søren N. Thomsen has a long career in the Maersk organization, including 15 years with various positions in Ghana, China, Dubai and the United States. For the past seven years, he has been head of the Esvagt shipping company.

"Søren N. Thomsen is an experienced and strong leader who through his career has shown that he can make the right decisions in the effort to improve development and earnings. Søren has solid commercial and business skills, but he has also been deeply committed to developing the entire organization, including support functions like Finance, IT, HR and HSSEQ," says Kurt Skov.
The new chief executive calls it "an honor to be able to help lead Blue Water."

"I hope I can add stability and more profitable growth through strong cooperation across the organization and help strengthen the team spirit," says Søren N. Thomsen, according to the Blue Water Shipping press release.

Søren N. Thomsen is on the board of the Danish Maritime Fund and is chairman of the Board of Directors in the 2010 Shipowners' Association.

Source: Blue Water Shipping / Maritime Denmark

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