Danish interest in cruise holidays grows

Danish interest in cruise holidays grows

06-09-2017 10:00:00

An international survey conducted by NBTS NIPO Research shows that 52 percent of Danes in the 30-65 age group are interested in a holiday on a cruise ship. The figure draws attention to the Italian cruise line Costa Cruises, which is behind the survey.

"We already knew that the growing global interest had also reached the Scandinavian market, but that so many Danes are interested in this type of vacation, surprises us anyway. But it shows that the potential is at the highest and confirms that it is time to invest further in the Danish market," says Ralph Remkes, General Manager of Costa Group Benelux & Scandinavia.

Earlier this year, it was discovered that Danish ports in 2017 will receive a record number of international tourists who will arrive by cruise ships. An international survey now shows that traffic will go the opposite direction, since the interest in cruise holidays has skyrocketed among Danes especially in the 30-65 age group.

In the effort to win larger market shares in Scandinavia, Costa Cruises has decided to implement a new pricing structure, after it has become apparent that the Scandinavians want better transparency in prices. Therefore, Costa Cruises will now offer all-inclusive packages at regular rates without hidden costs. In addition, Costa Cruises plans to employ Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish staff on routes with a high number of Nordic tourists on board.

According to the survey, it is primarily the desire to experience a different holiday that is the reason for the Danish interest in cruise holidays. Then the Danes respond that the price and feeling of luxury are the reasons why they are considering a cruise holiday. The survey also shows that there are Danes between 30-39 years who are most interested in cruise holidays.

According to Copenhagen Malmö Port, Denmark can for the first time ever look forward to receiving more than one million cruise passengers by 2017. Most cruise ships are located in Copenhagen, but Aarhus and Skagen are also popular destinations.

Source: Costa Cruises / Maritime Denmark

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