DONG signs agreement on wing inspections

DONG signs agreement on wing inspections

28-08-2017 09:00:00

DONG Energy has chosen Natural Power to provide inspection services on wings at wind farms in Great Britain, Denmark and Germany. The agreement includes 260 wind turbines, where a monitoring program must ensure maintenance and repair status, to ensure optimal turbines.

"Natural Power has shown a clear understanding of and commitment to the growing need for inspection and maintenance in offshore wind and is proactively committed to delivering high quality and efficiency experience," said Chris Rowland, UK Field Manager in Inspection Management at DONG Energy.

Natural Power has already performed wing inspections for DONG in the London Array, Westermost Rough and Walney offshore wind farms, and is currently preparing for mobilization at Linc's offshore wind farm.

Natural Power's own inspection team uses a semi-automated data capture solution, using image analysis and high resolution processing software assessing the state of both new and aging wind turbine wings.

Source: Offshore Wind / Maritime Denmark

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