Intensified hunt for body parts in Køge Bay

Intensified hunt for body parts in Køge Bay

24-08-2017 10:00:00

Divers from the Navy and conscripts from Beredskabsstyrelsen have started looking for body parts from the killed Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Yesterday, the police published the results of the DNA analysis, showing that the found torso is part of the body of Kim Wall.

The police cannot yet determine how Kim Wall was killed and therefore it is important to find other body parts that can help the forensics in their work.

But the police have reported that there was found bloodstains from Kim Wall in the submarine, which is thus a crime scene in the perhaps most spectacular killing in recent Danish history.
The submarine owner, who, according to the police, deliberately sunk his submarine, explained that Kim Wall died "by accident" and that he "buried her at sea".

The questions in the macabre and extraordinary case remain many. Why did Kim Wall die? What was actually happening in the submarine that night? What has Peter Madsen explained to the police on the closed constitutional question? Why did he change his explanation?

Many of the potential traces have disappeared after the submarine was on the bottom of Køge Bay and the found torso has also been in water for many days.

So, the answers to the many questions depend on the outcome of police investigation and - probably - by Peter Madsen's desire to explain.

If he maintains that Kim Wall died in an accident, the prosecutor's office must lift the burden of proof that he killed her.

"And it must be lifted within what is called "reasonable doubt," professor of forensics Eva Smith told TV 2 News Wednesday and continued:" There must be no doubt that it is a murder. So, if the defender can succeed in making a good case, Peter Madsen can actually avoid being sentenced for murder. But it depends entirely on the evidence the police have. "

Source: The editors of Maritime Denmark

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