Mayors to fight for DIS expansion

Mayors to fight for DIS expansion
Jakob Ullegård

18-08-2017 15:00:00

Mayors in several Danish maritime municipalities maintain their appeal to Christiansborg to expand the Danish seamen's tax system. It is good news for the coming fiscal negotiations, Danske Rederier believes.

"With the growth team's clear recommendations, it's time to act. If we cannot modernize the system on time, we will lose jobs across the country and the opportunity to seize future growth. Keep in mind that the OECD expects a 12-fold increase in the number of jobs in offshore winds at global level by 2030. Danske Rederier are ready to act if they have a foundation for this," says Jakob Ullegård, Director of Danske Rederier.

When the government's growth team for the Blue Denmark unveiled its 52 recommendations on April 21 this year, there was much joy to be found. One of the key recommendations was to extend the Danish seamen's tax to all offshore vessels, thus equating the Danish tax regime for seamen with similar arrangements in our neighboring countries.

In April 2017, ten mayors, five from Venstre and five from the Socialdemokratiet, from the country's most seamen-heavy municipalities, sent a letter to Business Minister Brian Mikkelsen and the government to expand the seamen's tax system.

The broad support is welcomed by Director Jakob Ullegård from Danske Rederier, who’s hoping for quick action from the Danish government. The efforts of the ten mayors clearly show that it is a question that applies throughout the country and is highly relevant to the Danish countryside.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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