Swedish finding of object in submarine case

Swedish finding of object in submarine case

16-08-2017 09:00:00

Swedish rescue service has found an object in Øresund, which is believed to be related to the case of the submarine Nautilus and the disappearance of a Swedish woman. According to Aftonbladet, informations have been disclosed to the Danish police.

"We have made a discovery that we judge is of interest and we have contacted the authorities. We have left the information to the Danish Maritime Service, which promised to pass them to Danish police," says a spokesman for the voluntary Swedish rescue service Sjörädningssällskapet to Aftonbladet.

This morning, a press spokesman at Sjörädningssällskapet did not want to inform TV 2 about the object, but confirms it. It is unclear which Danish police authority has received the information about the subject.

On Wednesday morning, the head of the investigation at Copenhagen Police, Deputy Police Inspector Jens Møller Jensen, was not informed of the object.

The Swedish journalist Kim Wall has disappeared since Thursday evening after a trip in a submarine with Peter Madsen in Øresund. Peter Madsen is charged with manslaughter, and was sentenced to 24 days in custody for negligent manslaughter on Saturday.

Source: Aftonbladet / Maritime Denmark

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