DanishShipping:DK must ensure sulfur police

DanishShipping:DK must ensure sulfur police

08-08-2017 11:00:00

Denmark must take the lead and ensure that the new rules on reducing the sulfur content of ships' fuels are actually being followed. Otherwise, they may lead to unfair competition, according to Danske Rederier. The rules will be introduced from January 1, 2020.

"It should be a great deal for the maritime nation of Denmark to ensure effective enforcement of the rules. Because we are at the forefront of developments, as demands are still being made in particularly coastal zones – including the North- and Baltic Sea. Here the ships must derive the highest sulfur equivalent to 0.1% sulfur fuel. "

These are the words of Deputy Director Maria Bruun Skipper, DanishShipping and Jørn Jespersen, Director of Danish Environmental Technology.
In a column in Berlingske they argue that effective enforcement will prevent unfair competition from shipping companies circumventing the rules:

"For example, a medium-sized container ship will save a good DKK 2,5 million on a trip from Europe to Asia and back again by failing to comply with the new rules. "
Compliance with the strict rules in Danish waters is controlled by the Danish authorities by airplane, helicopter surveillance of the so-called "sniffer", located under the Storebælt Bridge. It has worked in Denmark, but is not a method for use on the ocean.

"Therefore, we propose the following: Danish authorities should work for new requirements in the IMO UN so that ships are controlled in ports throughout the world. In addition, the toolbox for control must be built, for example, with equipment for continuous measurements of the ships' sewage pipelines on the high seas. If the effort from the Danish side is to be maintained, then it requires that the necessary resources be supplied by a political team. It requires a combination of solid leg work and great diplomatic efforts," writes Maria Bruun Skipper and Jørn Jespersen.

Source: DanishShipping / Maritime Denmark

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