New DONG center will control offshore wind

New DONG center will control offshore wind

07-08-2017 12:00:00

DONG Energy has just taken over its newbuilding operations center next to the Mersey River in Liverpool, from which employees will manage the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm and the new Burbo Bank Extension, which generates enough electricity to cover 310,000 homes each year. The center cost DKK 50 million.

The new center contains both warehouses, offices and parking spaces for the employees involved in the operation and maintenance of the huge offshore wind farms.

The location right up to the Mersey River also means that technicians can easily jump on board the ships to bring them to Burbo Bank.

"Being able to operate both of our offshore wind farms makes sense in terms of efficiency and the location is great in terms of getting to sea," says Lee Rollason, head of Burbo Bank operations.
45 employees will get permanent work in the new center in Liverpool.

DONG has operated in the area northwest of Liverpool for more than 10 years and total investments in 2005 to 2019 amount to 5.4 billion, corresponding to approximately DKK 45 billion.

Source: DONG Energy / Maritime Denmark

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