No environmental risk

No environmental risk

03-08-2017 12:00:00

The Ministry of the Environment rejects that there is an environmental problem with the 30 visible shipwrecks at the Danish coasts. SF and the environmental organization acknowledge that their criticism is based solely on the appearance of the shipwrecks.

There is currently no law that requires visible shipwrecks to be removed from the Danish coasts. And despite criticism from several politicians and environmental organizations, there is also no prospect of it coming.

The Danish Department of Local Environmental Organizations (KIMO Denmark) criticized the lack of legislation to the Minister for the Environment and Food and demanded that the state take charge of the problem.

However, the Ministry of the Environment rejects that the ships do not represent any real environmental impact in a written reply to Ingeniøren.

"It's harmless shipwrecks that do not pose a threat to various protection interests that remain. If the shipwreck is considered a threat to the marine environment, fishing, navigation safety, etc., the district authority may decide to remove the shipwreck," the Ministry of Environment wrote to the technical magazine Ingeniøren.

Lars Seidelin, PhD student at the Biological Institute, SDU, also rejects that visible shipwrecks represent a greater environmental impact than the thousands of sunken shipwrecks in Danish waters.

"The problem is that you can see them. The others we cannot see do not get any attention," says Lars Seidelin to Ingeniøren.
SF's Karsten Hønge will require the establishment of a state pool for the removal of shipwrecks. Not because they pose a threat to the environment, but because they are ugly.
"If a municipality is so fortunate that they have a nice shipwreck, by all means let it stay, but a nice shipwreck is the exception," says Karsten Hønge to Ingeniøren.

Source: Ingeniøren / Maritime Denmark

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