DanishShipping guarantees internships

DanishShipping guarantees internships

01-08-2017 14:00:00

DanishShipping want to make it easier to organize internships with different shipping companies, and the shipping companies are ready to guarantee 350 internships as part of a comprehensive maritime education package.

"In concrete terms, we have suggested that seagoing practice is guaranteed by the companies each year providing 350 internships for the students to come and sail during the stay. The price for the increased number of internships will be that students will pass from internship to SU during their internship at sea," Anne Windfeldt Trolle, Director in DanishShipping wrote in a post in Jyllands Posten.

She argues that the transition from work placement to SU will allow more shipping companies to offer internships, and thus, maritime education will continue to follow the norm in the rest of the field of higher education.

"It will be good for young talents to get the taste of salt water and, of course, for the shipping companies, thus ensuring skilled labor in the coming years," Anne Windfeldt Trolle wrote.

Source: DanishShipping / Maritime Denmark

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