Fewer looking at maritime educations

Fewer looking at maritime educations

28-07-2017 12:00:00

The number of young people applying for a maritime education this year has fallen by 12 percent compared to last year. It is shown in the annual statement from the Ministry of Education and Research, published today. This calls Danske Rederier to call for action to ensure sufficient labor in the future.

A total of 685 students have been admitted to one of the maritime education programs this year and that is too few, Danske Rederier believes.

"It must be attractive and more flexible to apply for a maritime education," says the Danish Shipowner's director, Anne Windfeldt Trolle, and continues:
"The decline in the number of students enrolled in maritime education shows that the competition for the students is tough and with record educational opportunities for the young people. Therefore, we should look at the composition of maritime educators, so we ensure that education is still attractive when the number of educational offers increases. "

Danske Rederier suggests, among other things, that it should be easier to apply for maritime education by making admission to the schools free. At the same time, greater flexibility must be given when the practice at sea is to be settled.

Anne Windfeldt Trolle proposes that the programs be subjected to a future check, which is being launched with an analysis of the content of the individual programs.
"We must launch a systematic review of the content of maritime education so that we ensure they are at the top global level, meeting the needs of the industry and student expectations. We will lack skilled labor in the coming years, and therefore must act now. We look forward to getting started with this work together with educational institutions and other collaborators," says the director.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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