Panama Canal is important for Danish ships

Panama Canal is important for Danish ships

05-07-2017 10:00:00

The Panama Canal, which just over a year ago, initiated a brand-new way for much larger ships, is an important transport route for world trade. Therefore, the channel also welcomes the fact that Danish flagged ships are increasingly using the pathway between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

"The expansion is impressive and there is no doubt that it promotes world trade with access for larger ships across Panama. The traffic figures indicate that shipowners have embraced the channel's ability to handle larger ships. I’m sure that Danish shipping companies will also take advantage of these new possibilities," said Jakob Ullegård, director of Danske Rederier, who have just met representatives from the canal and visited the new Cocoli-sluices on the Pacific side during a private trip.

In 2016, the Panama Canal Authorities can report that Danish flagged ships used the channel crossing 137 times. And everything points to 2017 becoming even greater. In the first half of 2017 until June 20, Danish flagged ships had used the channel 117 times.

"In the first year, more of the container traffic flows through the expanded channel similar to LPG and LNG. When it comes to Denmark, Maersk Line remains one of our largest channel users. With both tankers and dry loads Norden is also an important customer for the channel. The Panama Canal’s pilots also use Danish precision equipment every day as they help ships through the channel and the sluices," says Panamanian Channel CEO Jorge L. Quijano in connection with Danske Rederier's visit.

It is 100 years since Denmark's largest shipping company took advantage of the Panama Canal for the first time. It was the ship 'Anne Mærsk', which on June 19, 1917 entered the canal. Today, the trip typically takes 8-10 hours, which used to take four days.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Denmark

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