IMO may postpone ballast water rules

IMO may postpone ballast water rules

06-07-2017 14:00:00

The participants in a committee meeting this week in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) strongly committed to giving shipowners more time to comply with the Ballast Water Convention. It is suggested that the shipowners have until September 2019 before considering the installation of the equipment.

As things are right now, the owners are required to install ballast water treatment systems, which can cost over one million USD at the first legally-specific shipyard visit after September this year. Because this is too fast for many owners, there was strong support for a Norwegian proposal that the owners be allowed to extend the deadline by a two-year period.

Although there may be changes before the end of the week, the only other option is a proposal from Japan that there are no significant changes to the implementation plan, although it is only a matter of two months before the ballast water convention goes into force.

Japan has urged the IMO to commit itself to a date this week on the grounds that it is too late to start the smooth implementation of the Convention on time. The final details will not be confirmed before Friday's last IMO plenary session.

Source: TradeWinds / Maritime Denmark

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