Fast ferry can move “roadway elephants”

Fast ferry can move “roadway elephants”

26-06-2017 13:00:00

Molslinjen has designed its newly launched fast ferry Express 3, so it can transport modular vehicles, "roadways elephants" across the Kattegat. The other day, the shipping company in Aarhus tested whether a 25-meter-long modular vehicle train could drive on and off the car deck.

"We have changed the design of the ferry’s car deck and simply removed a number of bars in the middle of the ship. This allows space for the very long modular car trolleys to drive around the car deck," says Molslinjen’s Commercial Director Jesper Skovgaard.

A modular vehicle can replace two ordinary trucks. It benefits the environment and road safety, but also increases the efficiency of the carrier. Of course, this only applies if the truck train makes it in time and is not kept in line on the highway. Here, the waterway over the Kattegat is a great help.

It was an exciting evening at Aarhus Harbor when a 25-meter-long modular vehicle tested Molline's new ferry, Express 3. A driver from Frode Laursen A/S proved that it is possible to get around the ferry with a long modular vehicle train. In the first attempt, he managed to get the three-way carriage ride around the car deck.

"It is a clear improvement that we can now drive forward on and off the ferry, which means that it will be a good alternative to driving on the already overcrowded E45," says Brian Jørgensen, Director of Road Denmark at Frode Laursen A/S.

Source: Molslinjen / Maritime Denmark

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