Danish Shipping: Ambitious on climate

Danish Shipping: Ambitious on climate

26-06-2017 12:00:00

Today, member countries, business and interest organizations will meet in the UN International Maritime Organization, IMO, in London to discuss how shipping becomes carbon neutral. Danish Shipping are at the forefront to ensure concrete reduction targets for shipping.

"It is absolutely crucial that the negotiations get off to a good start. We want an ambitious climate strategy, where the industry, on an equal footing with other industries, contributes to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Therefore, clear targets must be set for the industry's CO2 reductions. It is also important that the members of the IMO agree on how we reduce emissions from shipping," says Maria Bruun Skipper, Vice Director of Danish Shipping.

Additional work hours have been allocated in IMO, to get through the many submitted proposals for the climate strategy. Danish Shipping contribute an independent scientific study that provides concrete suggestions for how the industry can reduce its CO2 emissions through operational, technical and economic measures.

It is clear that an innovative conversion of the industry is necessary, including the use of new alternative fuels, to reach the goal. The study has been brought to the negotiating table by a large number of countries, including Denmark, that argue for the need for measurable reduction targets.
On the other hand, several countries, including Brazil and India, want the climate strategy to pay special attention to developing countries. The business has with the International Shipowners' Association, ICS, in the front game, come up with two specific proposals for reduction targets.

"It is our wish that the negotiations are not dragged out. But we will not be discussing possible differentiations between developing and industrialized countries. For us it is, however, absolutely crucial that the reduction of ship's emissions of greenhouse gases takes place on equal terms for everyone in the industry. Otherwise, it will distort competitiveness, "says Maria Bruun Skipper.

Source: Danish Shipping / Maritime Denmark

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