Royal Arctic Line decides against Aalborg

Royal Arctic Line decides against Aalborg

21-06-2017 13:00:00

Royal Arctic Line has begun negotiations with Aarhus Harbor. The shipping company, which so far has used Aalborg as its Danish base, will in a changed sailing structure use Aarhus Harbor instead. However, it is still unclear when the Greenland harbor in Aalborg is no longer included in the sailing plan.

"Royal Arctic Line hereby announces that, on June 20, 2017, the shipping company has informed Aalborg Havn A/S that Royal Arctic Line wishes to terminate the current use of Aalborg Harbor. Royal Arctic Line has invited Aalborg Harbor to a debate about time before 2022," Royal Arctic Line wrote in a press release.

"With the choice of Aarhus Harbor as the future port in Denmark, Royal Arctic Line wants to make the operation more simple and efficient. Our customers also have more opportunities to optimize logistics," says Verner Hammeken, CEO, Royal Arctic Line.

A significant part of Royal Arctic Line's strategy deals with growth and development of unconcessionary activities in both existing and new markets.

"The conversion of traffic to Aarhus will benefit Greenland's opportunity to trade more directly with the most important export markets. The development of the Royal Arctic Line now makes it easy to trade with Greenland. Thus, Royal Arctic Line can help to create the best conditions for growth in Greenland," says Chairman of the Royal Arctic Line Kuno Fencker.

Royal Arctic Line has a contract with Aalborg Harbor, valid until 2022. Aalborg Harbor has previously threatened to claim a large compensation if the Greenland shipping company breaks the contract or wants it canceled before time.

Source: Royal Arctic Line / Maritime Denmark

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