Offshore shipping important for rural areas

Offshore shipping important for rural areas

24-04-2017 15:00:00

Shipping is a major part of the Danish rural areas, and every other Danish sailor lives in an outer municipality. The Rural Council therefore supports the Growth Team's recommendation that the DIS system be extended to include the offshore sector.

"We know that shipping and the Blue Denmark are important in a number of municipalities across the country, and the profession is thus a source of jobs and activity in all parts of Denmark. We need to develop the source of jobs, and it requires an extension of seaman's tax so that it applies to the entire offshore sector," says Steffen Damsgaard, chairman of the Rural Council.

Steffen Damsgaard refers to analyzes that have shown that seamen in other EU countries have better tax conditions than seamen on Danish offshore vessels. Therefore, the Danish approach threatens many jobs in Danish rural areas.

"Both shipping and offshore provide employment to many thousands of people in Danish rural areas, while benefiting our socioeconomics. Therefore, the government should embrace the Growth Team's recommendations and ensure equal terms between offshore seamen and seamen in the rest of the merchant fleet. This should happen with the autumn fiscal law, so we maintain important seam jobs in rural areas," says Steffen Damsgaard.

Recently, the Rural Council has called for action for the many thousands of seafarers in connection with the annual meeting of the Rural Council on March 31, 2017. Here, the Rural Council set up a committee for the professions that occupy much in the rural and remote areas.

Source: Landdistrikternes Fællesråd / Maritime Denmark

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