Express 3 is soon headed towards Denmark

Express 3 is soon headed towards Denmark

18-04-2017 14:00:00

Molslinjen's new fast ferry, Express 3 will be deployed on the route between Zealand and Jutland from June 1, 2017. The vessel is now in the process of the last trial runs in Tasmania before it heads for Denmark. The trip from the shipyard Incat in Tasmania to Denmark takes about a month

"We expect the ferry to begin its voyage to Denmark under the leadership of our captain Flemming Ejlersen in a matter of days," says Jesper Maack from Molslinjen to TV2/ØST.

According to Molslinjen's booking system, the new ferry will be included in the timetable from June 1, 2017, with the first departure at 6.45 from Aarhus. The catamaran ferry has a capacity of up to 411 cars and 1,000 passengers. The maximum speed is 48 knots.

The ferry will resemble the existing fast ferries Express 1 and Express 2 that are already sailing on the route. However, the vessel is equipped with a number of improvements to help reduce fuel consumption compared to the other two ferries.

21,000 liters of water flow through the turbines per second. This amount of water means that a pool that meets the Olympic standards will be filled in 30 seconds. With the new ferry, the company can offer up to 30 daily departures between Aarhus and Odden Harbor a day.

Source: TV2/ØST / Maritime Denmark

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