Two new ferries with autopilot underway

Two new ferries with autopilot underway

10-04-2017 14:00:00

The Norwegian shipping company FosenNamsos has ordered two ferries that will be able to sail by themselves It is Rolls-Royce, which supplies the system – which almost - eliminates the need for a captain. Thus, there are now four autopiloted ferries coming to Norway.

Strict environmental requirements for new ferries in Norway is contributing to FosenNamsos order for two autopiloted ferries.

"The automated navigation makes it easier to predict the energy consumption in various weather conditions," says product manager Peter Strand from Rolls-Royce marine division in Ålesund.

The "Autocrossing" system controls the ship's acceleration, speed and route and in the current version takes care of the entire trip, except for the last few meters to the quay, where the captain must take over.

But in the next generation of the system the last few meters will also be handled automatically. The captain must monitor the system and can take over if need be. Should he not be able to do so, the automatic control will stop the ship in a safe position.

The two ferries must be deployed between Flakk and Rørvik by Tronheim. Two other ferries ordered with the same system have already been ordered.

Minister of Business Brian Mikkelsen hopes that Denmark will be among the first nations who bet on autopiloted ships and ferries. He stated this when Danish Maritime focused on autonomous ships at its annual meeting last week.

But Norway appears to be the first with autopiloted sailing ships - albeit there's still a captain aboard.

Source: Sysla Maritime / Maritime Denmark

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