Ten mayors demand DIS expansion

Ten mayors demand DIS expansion

04-04-2017 12:00:00

Five mayor from Venstre and five from Socialdemokratiet have teamed up to form a letter to the government. The message is clear: The maritime growth team must be backed up by political action, especially with a focus on the expansion of sailor taxation to cover the entire maritime offshore sector.

"The government has announced a growth initiative in the extenion of the growth team's work. It is our opinion that such a proposal must accommodate the expansion of sailor taxation if the government's ambitions for the Blue Denmark from the government program must be met," the mayors wrote in the joint letter.

The mayors from the maritime municipalities: Esbjerg, Frederikshavn, Svendborg, Ærø, Hjørring, Lemvig, Fanø, Bornholm, Langeland and Samsø have sent a joint letter to the government and the growth team. They expect a follow up on the clear ambition in the government platform of November. The growth team will present its recommendations on April 21, which will kick-start the political process.

There is praise for the growth team to have had a wide focus in the past year, as well as an expectation of a visible affect in the recommendations. For there is a need for political action, which will support the country's political ambitions for growth throughout Denmark, according to the mayors.

The Danish Shipowners' Association understands that the ten mayors are based on the government's program. In addition, Dansk Folkeparti has also clearly stated that a DIS expansion will be present in future growth initiatives from the party.

"The ambitions of the Blue Denmark in the government's declaration was to be felt. Therefore, it is obvious that the parliamentary parties use the forthcoming recommendations of the maritime growth team to put words into action. I totally agree with the ten maritime mayors on the need for political action on an extension of sailor taxation for the entire offshore sector - and it is urgent. The current, warped framework is clearly inhibiting shipping's ability to contribute to growth and activity in Denmark," says Jakob Ullegård, director of the Danish Shipowners' Association.

Source: Danmarks Rederiforening / Maritime Denmark

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