Nordic Tankers form new company

Nordic Tankers form new company

16-03-2017 14:00:00

Nordic Tankers Trading joing with V.Group on the establishment of the new company, Dania Ship Management, which will be established in Nordic Tankers headquarters in Copenhagen.

"We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with V.Group to secure and expand our business. With our shared commitment to safety, efficacy and quality, I am convinced that with our market knowledge and V. GROUP's global expertise we will be in a strong position to proactively meet the growing expectations tests from the international shipping sector. Dania Ship Management will have access to V. GROUP's specialist knowledge, including extensive investments in IT platforms, which is an important requirement in the digitization of our industry," says Per Sylvester Jensen in a press release.

The new company will offer ship management services with Nordic Tankers COO, Carsten Brix Ostenfeldt at the head of the table and Nordic Tankers CEO, Per Sylvester Jensen, who is looking forward to the new partnership.

Source: Nordic Tankers Trading / Maritime Denmark

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