Great Danish interest for cruise trade fair

Great Danish interest for cruise trade fair

11-03-2017 10:00:00

This year, Denmark can look forward to receiving more than 1 million cruise guests and it enhances interest in the growing industry among Danish stakeholders.

When the world's largest cruise exhibition opens in Fort Lauderdale, Texas, on Monday, Denmark is represented by a delegation of 31 men.

"The large number of Danish participants is an expression of our broad collaboration across the country, which gives us much more power in the large, global competition to attract shipping companies and the many cruise guests here," says Claus Bødker, cruise manager at Wonderful Copenhagen where CruiseCopenhagen is anchored.

The major cruise lines, travel agents and industry media from around the world are present, so the Danish stakeholders will have ample opportunity to market the Danish cruise product.

The Danish delegation consists of partners from CruiseCopenhagen, which despite its name is the country's entire cruise network. Besides a booth at the fair, the network has organized press activities and created the framework so that each partner can hold sales meetings with shipping companies.

The stand at the fair is a collaboration between CruiseCopenhagen and Visit Stockholm.
The fair is expected to attract 10,000 participants.

Source: Wonderful Copenhagen / Maritime Denmark

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