Another record year for Køge Harbour

Another record year for Køge Harbour

09-03-2017 14:00:00

2016 was a record year for Køge Harbour. There was set a record with a turnover of 2,4 million tons of goods, but also with a surplus of 11,937 million kr. This is an increase of 30 percent compared to the port's best performance to date in 2015.

"The financial statements for the year 2016 show that Køge Harbour is a rock-solid business with many legs to stand on. Especially the many track projects on Zealand has meant a record handling of crushed stone in the financial year", says Chairman Rene Jespersen.

In Køge Harbour, there's great confidence in the future. The expectation is a growth of 30-35 percent until 2022. Therefore, 1 billion kr. is invested in an expansion of the port. Water depth will be increased from 7,0 to 9,5 meters, and 2,300 meters of quay will be added, a quantum leap that will provide capacity for a doubling of cargo turnover at the blue highway.

"Køge Harbour has long been extremely pressured in space and had to postpone the handling of new customers and products. Now it finally seems that we can begin to develop new business areas," says Thomas Elm Kampmann, director of Køge Harbour and Skandinavisk Transport Center, that looks forward to the new quay being taken into action this year.

Source: Danske Havne / Maritime Denmark

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