Danish Ports want clear rules on operations

Danish Ports want clear rules on operations

07-03-2017 09:00:00

Vejle Harbour did not announce its activity regarding tugboats, and was not allowed to exercise tugboat activities in another port. The Danish Shipowners' Association calls for a clear division of labor between the public and private sectors.

"The minister has with his answers removed any lingering doubts about what you as an independent municipal harbor can afford in terms of securing employment for the port's tugboat. Going forward, the focus should be on working with the port-related businesses and support their development, rather than to establish a competing business," wrote the Transport Policy Manager at the Danish Shipowners' Association, Peter Olsen in a statement.

Danish Ports urge the Transport and Construction Minister, Ole Birk Olesen, that the upcoming port law revision will result in a modernized port law with clear guidelines between the public and private sectors.

In a recently issued press release from the Ministry of Finance, the government wants fair competition between public and private companies. An initiative that Danish Ports would like to see in the forthcoming law on ports instead of the rigid announcing duty for the completion of jobs.

Source: Danske Havne / Maritime Denmark

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