Vestas creates 414 new jobs in Denmark

Vestas creates 414 new jobs in Denmark

06-03-2017 15:30:00

After having hired 100 new employees in the production on the Isle of Wrigt in England in November 2016, MHI Vestas now increase production at the departments of LindÝ and Nakskov. Here, additional 414 workers are hired. The company stated this in a press release.

"MHI Vestas is proud to be able to create more than 400 manufacturing jobs at our facilities. The new positions are a positive reflection of the market's increased interest in the 8 MW platform and MHI Vestas in general," said Jens Tommerup, Head of MHI Vestas, in a press release.

The new positions will be filled by production workers and engineers at the nacelle factory in LindÝ and the blade factory in Nakskov. This recruitment wave, which will double the number of employees at the two plants, will have significant economic impact on Funen and Lolland according to MHI Vestas.

MHI Vestas will provide turbines for Horns Rev 3, which Vattenfall is responsible for the construction of in the North Sea off Esbjerg. In addition, MHI Vestas will also supply turbines for Aberdeen offshore wind farm, where the Vattenfall-owned company, Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Ltd, has ordered 11 V164-8.0 MW wind turbines at MHI Vestas.

Source: MHI Vestas / Maritime Denm

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