Three rescued after sinking off of Hirtshals

Three rescued after sinking off of Hirtshals

03-03-2017 16:22:00

Three fishermen aboard Sara V were lucky when their boat suddenly sprang a leak 20 nautical miles northwest of Hirtshals yesterday morning. They contacted another boat nearby, HG 75 Nicoline before they jumped into a raft.

The alarm for the Defence Joint Operations Centre (JOC) in Aarhus was received at 8:05 but JOC didn't even get into action, because Nicoline was quickly on the spot and rescued the three fishermen on board. They were then sailed to Hirtshals where they were calmed down and received a soothing chat with station manager Allan Jellesen.

HM 341 Sara could not be saved.

The environmental ship Gunnar Thorson was sent to the area 20 nautical miles northwest of Hirtshals, but there was not observed oil spills from the sunken boat. A satellite image on Thursday afternoon showed no signs of oil spills. On Friday, an environmental airplane will look for oil in the area, said Defence Operations Centre.

The Maritime Accident Investigation Board must now clarify why Sara sprang a leak and sank.

Source: Flaskeposten / Maritime Denmark

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