New trade agreements is the way to growth

New trade agreements is the way to growth

22-02-2017 10:00:00

For Denmark, the EU is crucial for increased access to world markets and to future growth. Therefore, it is important that the EU is pushing for more trade agreements. This is highlighted by the Danish Shipowners' Association, before the weekend's consultation at Christiansborg on the EU's future role in Denmark.

"The EU is crucial to free trade. It is, because the EU is negotiating free trade agreements on behalf of our country. Had we not had the EU, Denmark would have to negotiate our free trade agreements. As a small country without the same economic size of the EU, this would be difficult. Future growth - also in Denmark - depends on us to make more free trade agreements," says Anne H. Steffensen, Managing Director of the Danish Shipowners’ Association in a video made for the people of the hearing site.

Free trade and the EU will be debated when the consultation is held next weekend. Here, more than 200 people representing the Danish population and will debate EU policy with the prime minister and politicians from both parliament and the European Parliament.

Attitudes towards the EU are diverse among the Danish population, but fortunately, there is strong support for free trade. Without free trade, Denmark loses its position as a maritime nation. Fortunately, the EU has played a major role in opening new markets, ensuring Danish shipping companies’ access to customers worldwide.

The vast majority of the world's goods and products are transported by sea, and Danish shipping companies trade with the world. Two-thirds of the shipping companies' exports go to countries outside the EU and Norway, and therefore shipping is Denmark's most globalized profession.

The consultation takes place at Christiansborg on the weekend of February 25-26.

Source: Danmarks Rederiforening / Maritime Denmark

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