Environmental ships can take time off

Environmental ships can take time off

20-02-2017 12:00:00

The 179-meter-long container ship, Victoria, which was towed to Fayard in Lindø on Friday, was followed by environmental vessels from the Defence. The assignment was to watch and be ready to intervene if there was a discharge of oil during the seven-hour operation

"It all went as it should, and we have not seen additional oil spills. Now the ship has been delivered to the shipyard. This means that the Defence's role is soon to be over and the responsibility is transferred to the local emergency department," said watch leader Ole Theill Sørensen on Friday afternoon after the arrival at Lindø.

The ship is now moored at Fayard. There have been placed booms around the vessel. Now all containers must be removed from the ship, which must also be emptied of oil before it can move forward in the dock, where the 50-meter gash in the hull will be repaired.

It is expected that it will take quite some time before work to empty the ship of oil and containers is completed, so the repairing the damage can begin.

Source: Forsvaret / Maritime Denmark

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