Situation at sunken ship under control

Situation at sunken ship under control
Photo: Kustbevakningen

26-02-2017 10:00:00

The situation around the Sternö was under control sunday morning. The ship owners and the insurance company, jointly with the marine authorities were in the process of preparing a recovery plan to salvage the ship during the next week.

The intention was to seal the vessel and pump out the water, after which the ship must be brought back on even keel. The location was being kept under close observation, but there was so far no traces of pollution apart from a thin film on the surface.

The Maritime Administration and other Swedish authorities were on site with several boats and laid out oil booms around the capsized ship. Divers have examined the hull and found a hole under the water line with a size of 30 x 10 centimeters, large enough with the watertight doors not having been closed in due time to float the ship faster than it was possible to pump it out again.

The accident was caused by problems with the maneuverability so that the ship allided with the entrance to a lock system.

Two of the six ships that were on the Göta River north of Lilla Edet when the accident occurred, received permission to pass the accident site on Feb 25 and transited without problems. The remaining vessels were to be allowed to pass in the course of the day.

Source: Sjöfartsverket

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