Victoria is now towed to Lindø without spills

Victoria is now towed to Lindø without spills

18-02-2017 10:00:00

The container ship Victoria is now at Fayard shipyard in Odense Fjord, after being towed at low speed by tugboats from north of Funen.

The operation started at 7:00 this morning when the Defence Operation Centre together with the Danish Maritime Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency had approved the company's salvage plan.

"They were a little behind schedule, but the currents may have had great influence on the 10-mile long trip. It has been a priority to keep the safety level high - not the time schedule - and there has not been observed additional oil spills,” says watch leader Ole Theill Sørensen to Maritime Denmark.
Victoria was at dock at. about 14.15.

"Now they're putting booms around the ship, and then we can gradually withdraw from the operation,” he said.

The operation to tow the ship into Odense Fjord occurred at very low speed to minimize the risk of further oil spills from the 50-meter gash in the ship's hull.

Source: Maritime Denmark

Watch video from the salvage.

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