Port of Hirtshals ready with video clips

Port of Hirtshals ready with video clips

20-02-2014 21:11:00

The port of Hirtshals has produced four video clips that show the life and activities of the port. Transport, fishing and maritime services, are the key elements in three of the videos. The focus of the fourth video clip is the service that the port provides and the employees that the customers will come in contact with.

"The Port of Hirtshals has many business opportunities and these video clips will provide quick and easy access to information about the port and the opportunities it offers. The different videos focuses on each of the port's core business areas, and the potential users have an opportunity to get a good first impression of the possibilities that the harbor has to offer. It also shows how the logistics and different skill sets in the harbor can be exploited" says Ditte Gerstrøm Sørensen, marketing coordinator in the port of Hirtshals-

The four videos are in both Danish and English and can be seen on the port's website or their Facebook page. See the four video clips by clicking HERE

Source: Port of Hirtshals / Maritime Denmark

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