New trailer for Maersk Alabama film

New trailer for Maersk Alabama film

09-08-2013 16:00:00

On 11 October the film about the hijacking of Maersk Line’s container ship Maersk Alabama, “Captain Phillips”, premieres in the United States. The studio has released a new trailer that can be seen below.

The Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks plays the role of Captain Richard Phillips whom after the hijacking became an American folk hero. The captain chose to become hostage in order to protect his crew.

The hijacking ended when the ship’s crew regained control and took a pirate prisoner while the pirates took several crew members hostage as well.

Richard Phillips traded himself in instead of the ship’s hostages after which the pirates decided to leave the ship in a lifeboat, bringing the captain along with them.

Four days later, after Maersk Alabama had long since left the position and had been replaced by the USS Bainbridge, American sharpshooters killed three of four pirates, while a fourth pirate, Abduwali Muse, was on board the warship to negotiate.

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