Dansk skibsofficer laver anti-pirat video

Dansk skibsofficer laver anti-pirat video

26-08-2012 09:00:00

En dansk skibsofficer, Milan R. Falsing, har produceret en anti-pirat video der fokuseret på omfanget af pirateri, såvel som gidslerne og hvilke mulige konsekvenser der kan forekomme, hvis intet bliver gjort

Milan Falsing skriver i en mail til maritimedanmark.dk, at det er hans håb, at videoen kan være med til at skabe fornyet opmærksomhed omkring de ulykkelige skæbner pirateriet skaber.

Se videoen : Lest We Forget (The Victims of Piracy) herunder

Filmen er, ifølge Milan Falsing, produceret på baggrund af følge fakta fra 2011:

• 3,863 seafarers were assaulted by pirates during the initial stages of an attack by firing
weapons including assault rifles & rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).

• 968 seafarers came in close contact with armed pirates aboard their vessels. 413 (44%) of those who came in close contact with pirates were rescued from citadels by naval forces after waiting for hours (and in some cases days) often as pirates fought to breach the safe room.

• 1,206 individuals were held captive in 2011 by pirate gangs. These included:

• 555 seafarers who were attacked and taken hostage in 2011

• 645 hostages captured in 2010 that remained in pirate hands in 2011 including

• 26 hostages have been held for over 2 years

• 123 hostages have been held for over 1 year

• 6 tourists and aid workers

• 35 hostages died in 2011:

• 8 were killed by pirates during the attack or after being taken captive

• 8 died from disease or malnutrition caused by lack of access to adequate food, water, and medical aid

• 19 died during rescue efforts by naval vessels or attempting to escape, the majority of
which were being used as human shields by the pirates

• The hostages held in 2011 predominately came from non-OECD countries, especially from the Philippines (17%), China (9%), and India (8%). Only 7% came from OECD countries.

• It is estimated that 111 pirates were killed in 2011 based on data from open media sources:

• 78 died in direct encounters with naval forces

• 3 died in clashes with Puntland security forces

• 30 died in fights with other pirates over ransoms and hostages

Source: oceansbeyondpiracy.org/sites/default/files/hcop_2011_version1_4_2.pdf
Source: www.saveourseafarers.com/the-cost-of-piracy.html

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