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Danish Shipping: Ambitious on climate
Danish Shipping: Ambitious on climate
26-06-2017 12:00
Today, member countries, business and interest organizations will meet in the UN International Maritime Organization, IMO, in London to discuss how shipping becomes carbon neutral. Danish Shipping are at the forefront to ensure concrete reduction targets for shipping.

Fast ferry can move “roadway elephants”
26-06-2017 13:00
Molslinjen has designed its newly launched fast ferry Express 3, so it can transport modular vehicles, "roadways elephants" across the Kattegat. The other day, the shipping company in Aarhus tested whether a 25-meter-long modular vehicle train could drive on and off the car deck.
Port of Aarhus sets new Danish record
23-06-2017 13:30
Early this morning, one of the world's largest container ships, MSC Erica, left Aarhus Harbor after the largest berthing in Denmark's history, where approximately 3,600 containers were lifted over the berth, corresponding to approximately 6,500 TEU from a single ship.
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Danish Maritime reinforces with economist
23-06-2017 11:30
Danske Maritime has employed Niels-Henrik Møller as an economic project manager. He will assist the Association members with insight and advice on funding as well as prepare analyzes of the global shipbuilding and equipment market.
Bladt constructs the first Beatrice foundation
22-06-2017 13:00
Bladt Industries has successfully installed the top 3D structure on the bottom 3D structure of Jacket 1, which is the first of 30 jacket foundations for the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) project. The assembly began yesterday at 6.00 and ended at 8.30.
 Vestas upgrades 3 MW turbines to 4 MW
22-06-2017 12:00
Vestas introduces the fourth generation of the 3MW platform since its launch in 2010 and now has eight turbines, including three new variants: V117-4.0 4.2 MW, V136-4.0/4.2 MW and V150-4.0 4.2 MW. V150-4.0/4.2 MW offers the largest rotor in its class and gives the highest yield in low winds.

 Royal Arctic Line decides against Aalborg
21-06-2017 13:00
Royal Arctic Line has begun negotiations with Aarhus Harbor. The shipping company, which so far has used Aalborg as its Danish base, will in a changed sailing structure use Aarhus Harbor instead. However, it is still unclear when the Greenland harbor in Aalborg is no longer included in the sailing plan.

DONG booming in Britain
21-06-2017 12:00
The expansion in offshore wind causes DONG Energy to be one of the largest foreign investors in the UK energy sector. Now the company is also booming in the electricity market. DONG Energy has secured its largest contract in the UK corporate customer market delivery to Welsh Power.
Imperial visit to MHI Vestas in Lindø
20-06-2017 13:30
Yesterday, MHI hosted the Imperial Highness, Crown Prince of Japan at the company's factory in Lindø. The royal visit to the nacelle factory took place in connection with Denmark and Japan celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations.
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Danish wind road show underway in the US
20-06-2017 12:00
Four Danish wind energy companies have joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in a roadshow in the United States, where companies will meet with potential American partners on the American East Coast and at the Gulf of Mexico.
Inauguration of battery-ferry postponed
19-06-2017 15:00
The initiation of Tycho Brahe as the world's largest battery-powered ferry on the Helsingør-Helsingborg route, scheduled to take place on June 20, has unfortunately been postponed. HH Ferries Group is sorry to cancel the initiation on such short notice.
 Inspection ships in major rescue operation
19-06-2017 12:00
An earthquake triggered a stone- and landslide in the Karratfjord in Northwest Greenland late Saturday evening local time. An area of ​​about 300 x 1.100 meters collapsed in the fjord and triggered a tidal wave which subsequently hit the coasts of the surrounding islands and fjord systems.

 Monjasa calls for bunker cooperation
16-06-2017 14:00
Danish Monjasa calls for cooperation in the international bunker industry due to the increasing number of regulations in the market for shipfuel. The industry faces a great challenge when the limit for sulfur content is lowered.

IMO will look at rules for autonomous ships
16-06-2017 12:00
The UN Maritime Organization, IMO, is now working on mapping out how existing international rules can be used alongside autonomous ships and maritime technologies. Technologies that are in rapid development.
Danske Rederier joyful about support
15-06-2017 15:00
Research and development in the Blue Denmark in the coming years will have a solid backing from the Maritime Fund, which has allocated 25 million DKK in support as a concrete follow-up to the Growth Team's recommendations. It creates joy in Danske Rederier.
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Offshore wind farm coming to Lillebælt
15-06-2017 14:00
The Danish Energy Agency has considered an application from SønderborgForsyningsservice A/S after the open-door arrangement. The company has sought permission to investigate whether a wind turbine park can be established in an area between Als and Helnæs on Funen.
Danish-Chinese maritime dialogue meeting
14-06-2017 15:00
The Danish Maritime Authority and the Bureau of Water Transport at the Chinese Ministry of Transport met in Denmark on Tuesday to discuss cooperation between the countries in the maritime area and the challenges for maritime transport in general.
 Hanstholm Harbor on the right track
14-06-2017 14:00
The Board of Directors of Hanstholm Harbor has expressed great satisfaction with the ongoing procurement process at yesterday's board meeting. Calculations show that the harbor expansion will create 450 new jobs in Hanstholm.

 Danish company might deliver illegal arms
13-06-2017 15:00
Today, EkstraBladetwrote that the company, H. Folmer, has had two ships sail between Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia with military equipment in the cargo for two years. 3F criticizes that Danish legislation does not prevent the transport of weapons that may end up in the hands of Denmark's enemies.

MHI Vestas charters Vestvind
13-06-2017 14:00
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has chartered United Wind Logistics' special vessel Vestvind for the transportation of V164-8.0 MW turbine components. Vestvind, which has received the MHI Vestas logo, has already started delivering the turbines to Belfast for the Walney Extension wind farm in the Irish Sea.
Bell chimes at Aarhus School of Engineering
12-06-2017 14:00
Once again, the time for clock chiming at Aarhus School of Engineering has come. Today, Monday, June 12 at 09.00, the summer's first graduate could ring the ship's bell and celebrate his title as engineer. A tradition that has taken place every year since the 1960s.
DONG uses battery solution at wind farm
09-06-2017 15:00
DONG Energy will integrate battery plants in the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm to deliver frequency response. The first wind power and battery hybrid plant of its kind in an offshore wind farm must provide frequency response to stabilize the network frequency at 50 Hz and maintain its power in the main grid.
Danish development saves bunker costs
09-06-2017 14:00
J. Lauritzen A/S and Torm have saved about 66 million DKK on bunker costs through participation in the Danish Blue INNOship program. The savings have been achieved by ensuring greater transparency regarding the ships' performance.
 Statoil: Floating turbines in US and Japan
08-06-2017 15:00
Statoil has identified Japan and the two US states of California and Hawaii as leading markets for the development of floating offshore wind farms. Statoil develops the 30 MW Hywind Scotland, which, when it is in operation at the end of the year, becomes the first floating offshore wind farm at commercial level.

 Frederikshavn Harbor wants to expand again
08-06-2017 14:00
Frederikshavn Harbor's Board of Directors is preparing the decision base for a Stage 2 in the harbor expansion project. The expansion means the establishment of an additional 400-meter berth and andeepening of 14 meters in the harbor basin.

Grenaa Harbor first with LNG bunker plant
06-06-2017 13:00
Grenaa Harbor is on its way to establishing LNG bunkering facilities. The harbo has signed a preliminary agreement with the Estonian company LNG Gorskaya Overseas, which will construct the plant.
Recordbreaking turbines from Vestas again
06-06-2017 12:00
Today, Vestas has launched its newest and most powerful offshore wind turbine, V164-9.5 MW. The turbine is a further development of the world's most efficient wind turbine with 80-meter long wings. It is already the owner of the world record for production of power in 24 hours.
Terror Defense wins the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship
02-06-2017 14:02
Four students from SIMAC in Svendborg are behind the idea Nice Defense, which on June 1, won the Danish Championships in Entrepreneurship for students. SIMAC dominated the winning field and also won several other prizes, but there were also prizes for students from Holstebro, Aarhus, Aalborg and Roskilde.
Trump does not stop DONG bet in the US
02-06-2017 13:00
DONG Energy calls Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement for "a step in the wrong direction." However, the company continues its efforts to sell offshore wind projects to the United States and receives support from the states.
 The municipality takes over in Assens
01-06-2017 14:02
Yesterday, an almost unanimous city council voted that Assens Harbor, being an autonomous port, becomes a municipal port from January 1, 2018. The port's board had requested that the harbor be organized in a new way. The port is an independent company with its own board of directors.

 Port companies content about new planning
01-06-2017 12:30
Companies in the port industry receive a better investment climate at the commercial ports. Today, the Danish parliament has adopted a new planning act, which allows business activities in port areas to be better protected from housing and urban development than before.

Captain is detained after drunk sailing
31-05-2017 14:02
The 53-year-old Russian captain of the ship Norrvik, which went aground at Gisseløre in Kalundborg on Saturday night, has been detained for four weeks. Both the captain and the ship's officer were drunk when the ship was grounded, the Central and West Zealand police stated to TV ØST.
Blue Water achieved profit in 2016
31-05-2017 12:00
The Blue Water Group came out of 2016 with a profit of 10,4 million DKK, which is referred to as "not entirely satisfactory". The result is an improvement over 2015, where the Group lost 14 million DKK. The Group expects a better result in 2017.
Captain charged with drunk sailing
30-05-2017 14:02
The captain and first mate of the freighter Norrvik have both been arrested and are charged with drunk sailing. The police have received the results of the blood tests taken on Saturday evening after the grounding, which occurred around 21 o'clock in Kalundborg Harbor at Gisseløre.
Shipowners see opportunities in new plan
30-05-2017 12:00
DanishShipping have commented on the government’s recently submitted 2025-plan with focus on the economic space available, which the government predicts can reach 33 billion DKK. According to DanishShipping, there are good opportunities for an extension of the seamen's tax.
 Drunk Russian sails ship aground
29-05-2017 15:00
An 80-meter-long coaster ran sailed aground inKalundborg Harbor at Gisseløre on Saturday evening at around 21 o'clock. Police officers from Central and West Zealand assessed that the ship’s Russian captain was influenced by alcohol and that he had to deliver a blood test.

 Fire aboard tanker in the Baltic Sea
29-05-2017 14:00
On Thursday morning, a fire broke out in the engine room on the product tanker Zircone in Riga Bay. The accident happened shortly after the vessel left Riga in Latvia on its way to Denmark with 7,000 tons of diesel fuel. A short circuit in the engine room was allegedly the cause of the fire that engulfed the entire room.

DONG businesses sold for 8,7 billion DKK
24-05-2017 15:00
DONG Energy writes in a stock exchange announcement that it has sold its oil and gas business to the chemical company INEOS, which is based in Switzerland and England, for a total of 8,7 billion DKK. 440 employees will be taken over by INEOS, the company writes.
Norden reorganizes dry cargo department
24-05-2017 14:00
Norden reorganizes its dry cargo department to provide better service to its customers. The department is organized in less specialized teams with increased flexibility and authority. The new setup should, among other things, provide improved response time for customers and the market.
Odense Harbor has violated harbor law
23-05-2017 15:00
In a decision, the Traffic Authority has agreed with Blue Water Shipping in the fact that Odense Harbor through the subsidiary Lindø Industrial Park has violated the harbor law in several places. Thus, Blue Water Shipping has been exposed to illegal competition from a municipally owned company.
New Head of Naval Staff
23-05-2017 14:00
Flotille Admiral Torben Mikkelsen has been appointed Rear Admiral and will be the head of the Navy Staff in the Defense Command from June 1, 2017. Torben Mikkelsen is 54 years old and comes from a position as head of the Naval Tactical Staff.
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