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Vestas has signed Russian order
Vestas has signed Russian order
22-11-2017 15:00
Together with OOO Fortum Energy, Vestas has signed the first order for delivery of turbines to the Russian market. The order includes 14 V126-3.6 MW turbines for an unnamed 50 MW project.

Ørsted adjusts Hornsea Three cable route
22-11-2017 11:00
Ørsted has requested comments on the proposed changes on the land and sea cable corridor for the Hornsea project. Following statutory consultation on the project from July to September 2017, Ørsted identified places where the cables must be placed in addition to the first proposed corridors.
Lack of legal framework for unmanned ship
21-11-2017 13:00
Leaders in the maritime industry have expressed concern about the problem of who should be held responsible if an unmanned ship is involved in an accident due to cyber-attacks. The rules are simply not geared for the possibilities of the future.
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Turbine blades will be recycled in Grenaa
21-11-2017 12:00
Demacq Recycling International B.V. has specialized in recycling wind turbine blades in the Netherlands. Now the company looks to Denmark. According to Cora Burger, co-owner of Demacq Recycling, "it is very likely" that the company opens a branch at Grenaa Harbor.
Ørsted will prequalify geophysical companies
20-11-2017 13:00
Following the launch of qualification for geophysical investigation services, Ørsted has now invited geotechnical investigators to register on the company's qualification platform so that they can become prequalified for participation in future unions.
 Danske Rederier open Disruption Academy
20-11-2017 11:00
Danske Rederier, along with the consulting company DareDisrupt, has initiated a new academy for employees in the shipping companies. The academy, which will be settled in early 2018, will keep Danish shipping at the forefront of digital development and the latest technological trends.

 Danish Shipping adjusts organization
17-11-2017 15:00
Danske Rederier will focus more on research policy, digitalization, competencies and education policy in the coming years, thus creating a new department for Business Development and Communication and appointing two deputy directors as directors who will become part of the management.

Nordseth new chairman of EMSA
17-11-2017 09:00
The Board of the EU Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has just elected the Director of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth, as its new chairman. Admiral Nicola Carlone, Italy, was elected Vice-President.
Globalization challenges the Blue Denmark
16-11-2017 16:00
Jeffrey Saunders from the Institute of Future Research is one of the main speakers at the Blue Denmark Maritime Conference at Christiansborg. He gave the 100 participants an insight into the rapid globalization and its importance to shipping and the Danish maritime industry.
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Recruitment: Maritime industry is too negative
16-11-2017 15:00
Too many negative messages from and about the maritime industry have helped to scare the young people away. "Instead, we should point out all the positive things in the maritime industry in order to attract young people," John Ibsen, Metal Maritime, stated at today's maritime conference at Christiansborg.
New portal shows marine data with a click
15-11-2017 15:21
A newly launched portal - MetOcean Data Portal - from DHI – Institute of Water and Environment, provides users with instant access to data about wind, wave heights and water levels back to 40 years across the oceans.
 Danish focus on autonomous shipping
15-11-2017 10:00
The Maritime Authority's Conference on Autonomous Ships focuses strongly on the possibilities of utilizing new technology on ships. The Danish Maritime Authority can take the next step in the effort to create a safe, secure framework for the utilization of new technology in shipping.

 Autonomous ships are already a reality
14-11-2017 12:00
More than 200 maritime stakeholders from around the world are gathered in Copenhagen on Tuesday to be informed about and discuss autonomous shipping. The director of the Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Norseth concluded from the conference that autonomous ships are not a future vision - it is already a reality.

Siemens Gamesa fires 600 in Denmark
14-11-2017 11:00
Siemens Gamesa will fire 6000 employees worldwide and 600 of them will be from Denmark. The employees have not yet been notified who will be fired and that frustrates the staff representative, writes DR.dk
Danish Maritime Days meeting on 5 Dec.
13-11-2017 12:00
Danish Maritime Days invites to an information meeting on 5 December 2017 at 13-15 at Danske Maritime, Symfonivej 18, 2730 Herlev. At the meeting, you can be updated on the planning of DMD 2018. You can also get information about specific DMD events.
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Rental costs Kalundborg Harbor 253 million DKK
13-11-2017 10:00
According to the newspaper Børsen, Kalundborg Harbor has concluded a 99-year lease agreement on an area for the forthcoming harbor expansion. The rental agreement, which the municipality of Kalundborg is responsible will cost the harbor 253 million DKK over the next 99 years.
NSSLGlobal all-in-one cellular/VSAT solution
12-11-2017 09:00
NSSLGlobal has launched FusionIP, which combines VSAT and cellular connectivity within the same device. Within one single 60cm SAILOR dome, FusionIP integrates the best of two worlds; LTE and satellite broadband, allowing ships to automatically switch between 4G/3G and satellite networks to achieve optimum data speeds and cost efficiency.
 Danish-Ghanaian cooperation on safety
10-11-2017 13:00
Denmark and Ghana have initiated a maritime government cooperation, which will contribute to increased maritime safety and develop the maritime sector in Ghana. In this connection, the Danish Maritime Authority has had five Ghanaian ship inspectors visiting this week.

 The DMA has moved into Korsør
10-11-2017 13:00
The Minister of Business invokes the Danish Maritime Authority's new headquarters in Korsør alongside the mayor of Slagelse and the director of Danske Rederier. The Danish Maritime Authority's relocation to Korsør is part of the government's plan for relocating government jobs.

Esbjerg company wins order from Ørsted
09-11-2017 13:00
MH-O&Co in Esbjerg has won an order from Ørsted to deliver three ships for the transfer of crew to Ørsted's Hornsea Project One in the British part of the North Sea. The order includes two Stratcat 26 ships from Rix Sea Shuttle and a brand-new ship from MH-O & Co, not yet built.
Danish offshore wind campaign in the USA
09-11-2017 10:39
Following the growing interest of Danish companies in the fast-growing offshore wind turbine sector in the North American market, the Export Council in North America is conducting an offshore wind event in the summer of 2018 in collaboration with Offshoreenergy.dk.
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Esvagt is successful with new SOV vessels
08-11-2017 15:00
When Esvagt launched the world's first two SOVs, Esvagt Froude and Esvagt Faraday in spring 2015, there were high expectations for the new ship type and service concept. Esvagt's groundbreaking SOV concept has exceeded all expectations, but the potential is far from fully utilized yet.
European cooperation on turbine wings
08-11-2017 14:00
A major international research collaboration between 10 European partners has gained EUR 4 million to develop seven new wind turbine technology technologies, which can lower the overall energy cost of offshore wind energy by up to 4,7 percent.
 Campaign for green ferry service
07-11-2017 15:00
A number of Danish ferry companies are working to ensure greener ferry service. This is important as Danish ferries annually transport over 32 million passengers. The ferry companies are now launching a campaign on social media about the greener ferry service under the slogan 'Sail with us'.

 Danish-Chinese cooperation on green ships
07-11-2017 14:00
A delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Industry will visit Denmark as part of the Danish Maritime Authority's cooperation between China and Denmark. During the three-day visit, a Danish-Chinese workshop will be held on energy-efficient ship design and maritime equipment.

Bladt celebrates world record at Lindø
06-11-2017 14:00
Bladt Industries can celebrate that they, as the first company in the world, have built 100 offshore jacket foundations. The building of the many foundations has taken place at the company's factory in Lindø Industrial Park.
Danish Shipping present at climate summit
06-11-2017 13:00
Today, the annual International Climate Summit on the UN Climate Convention (UNFCCC), the so-called COP23, commences. Nearly 20,000 delegates from all over the world are discussing how to keep global temperature increases below two degrees. Danish Shipping are among the participants.
Ørsted is already approaching 2025 goals
03-11-2017 13:00
Ørsted, formerly DONG Energy, is already approaching its goal, which was announced at the beginning of this year, to have wind power of 11-12 GW installed by the end of 2025. Right now, Ørsted has installed or signed contracts of almost 9 GW.
PTC proposals affect Vestas shares
03-11-2017 10:00
The Vestas share promptly plummeted on Friday, following the Trump government's tax proposal, which promises tax cuts, but at the same time proposes to change the rules for the PTC renewable energy scheme. It affects Vestas, which has the US as its largest market.
 Pension companies buy half of Ørsted park
02-11-2017 13:00
Ørsted - former DONG Energy - sells 50% of the Walney Extension offshore wind turbine project to the two Danish pension companies PFA and PKA, each holding a 25% stake. The park will be the world's largest offshore wind farm when it is put into operation in the second half of 2018.

 Get a maritime diploma in management
02-11-2017 10:00
Now it is possible for navigators and other professional groups in the maritime field to complete a specially designed diploma in management. The new education will take place over four semesters with teaching at LedelsesAkademiet Lillebælt in Odense.

The state will sell ishares in Danske Færger
01-11-2017 13:00
As part of a larger divestment of government assets, the state has put 50 percent of Danske Færger up for sale. The company operates five domestic ferries, and two routes from Bornholm to Sweden and Germany, InsideBusiness wrote.
Løkke will strengthen the maritime Denmark
01-11-2017 10:00
In addition to being prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen is known as the chairman of Venstre and it is in the latter feature that Lars Løkke Rasmussen visits three Danish islands in connection with municipal and regional council elections on Thursday.
Horsens Harbor has space problems
31-10-2017 13:00
Increased busyness creates space problems at Horsens Harbor, where all freight handling takes place on the south dock, because the north dock is to be converted to houses. According to the Harbor Director, space problems can hamper the harbor’s companies' expansion opportunities.
Bimco gets Danish communications director
31-10-2017 10:00
Bimco has appointed Rasmus Nord Jørgensen as new communications director, to develop a communication strategy for the organization and to ensure a more visible space in the media image.
 The world's longest submarine cable
30-10-2017 13:00
Today, the Minister of Energy has given the green light to the 750 km Viking Link power cable between Denmark and the UK at a price of approximately 11 billion DKK. It will be the world's longest DC power cable and will ensure Denmark high security of supply and better electricity trading opportunities in the future.

 DONG's name change to Ørsted adopted
30-10-2017 10:00
At the extraordinary general meeting today, DONG Energy A/S decided to change the company's name to Ørsted A/S. As a result of the name change, the company's stock symbol changes to Ørsted. The change will go into force at the commencement of trading on October 31, 2017.

Denmark and the US in offshore wind coop
27-10-2017 11:30
Despite a huge potential, it is only a vanishingly small part of the United States power supply, which comes from offshore wind. A new collaboration, which the Minister of energy, supply and climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt has agreed with US Interior Minister Ryan Zinke, might help change.
Kriegers Flak seeking accommodation unit
27-10-2017 08:30
Energinet and 50Hertz Transmission GmbH are looking for a jack-up rig or a vessel that can offer housing and other services for crew and staff. The unit must be located next to a wind turbine substation at the Kriegers Flak wind farm in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea.
Harbor believes in expansion despite refusal
26-10-2017 15:30

The government is not undeeway with a port package, nor with possible support for the expansion of Søby Harbor on Ærø, which will provide the basis for an expansion of Søby Shipyard. Yet there is optimism in Søby.

K2 Management advises Triton Knoll
26-10-2017 09:00
K2 Management, headquartered in Viby, has been appointed by Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm Ltd to provide independent technical and commercial advice in connection with the 860 MW wind turbine project in the UK.
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