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The Blue Denmark gets ambitious research
The Blue Denmark gets ambitious research
19-09-2017 14:00
Focus on digitization and new business models is at the heart of the work of the research and innovation project Blue INNOship II, which is now being initiated on the recommendation of the Maritime Growth Team. The project is important for competitiveness, the Danish Maritime Authority believes.

New Head of Commercial Wind in Esvagt
19-09-2017 11:00
With its unique SOV concepts, Esvagt has established itself as a market leader in innovative ship solutions for offshore wind. It is Esvagt's continued growth in the offshore wind market, which 43-year-old Rune Østergaard will be in charge of.
Large order for V164-9.5 MW await Vestas
18-09-2017 14:15
Innogy has chosen MHI Vestas to be the preferred supplier of their 9.5 MW turbines for the 860 MW Triton Knoll wind farm in the British part of the North Sea. Developer and Partner Statkraft will use 90 of the upgraded V164 turbines, which is the world's most powerful.
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Vestas' 8 MW turbines get SPM equipment
18-09-2017 12:00
MHI Vestas has installed the Swedish SPM Instruments Intellinova Parallel MB monitoring system on its 8 MW offshore wind turbines, of which 32 have been built at the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm. SPM Instrument wrote on its website.
The Blue Denmark's wealthiest anno 2017
15-09-2017 16:00
The Maersk family sits at the top of the Blue Denmark and has added a few billion kroner to the fortune due to the higher stock price, which is enough for a 7th place in Berlingske's annual Top 100 over the richest in Denmark. New to the list is Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg.
 The Blue Denmark is still strong
15-09-2017 13:15
The Blue Denmark is Denmark's largest export business and accounts for almost a quarter of total Danish exports. Almost 100,000 people are employed in the Blue Denmark. This is shown in a new report prepared by the Danish Workers' Business Council for the Danish Maritime Authority.

 Huge party at Lindø
14-09-2017 16:00
About 100 guests related to the building and Lindø were involved in the tour of six new halls today. The buildings are established in connection with an existing building, some of which are demolished to accommodate almost 2,500 square meters of new modern halls.

Autonomous ships require international rules
14-09-2017 14:00
The development of autonomous ships progresses faster than expected. It is shown in a report from Lloyd's Register, which was presented at the London Shipping Week this week. Already within the next couple of years, the first ships can be deployed. It requires international rules, says Danske Rederier.
Milestone reached in Hornsea Project One
13-09-2017 14:15
Last week, a milestone was reached in DONG Energy's Hornsea Project One when the helicopter deck was installed on the first of the total three transformer stations. It is Bladt Industries, headquartered in Aalborg, which will supply transformer stations to the world's largest wind farm
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Norwegians purchase from Søby Shipyard
13-09-2017 13:00
Søby Shipyard at Ærø has signed a contract for the delivery of three stern trawlers for Norway. Thus, the yard can look forward to a period of record-breaking order books that will ensure employment growth, the yard declares.
Danish OW investors sue banks
12-09-2017 12:00
A consortium of 24 Danish institutional investors also sue the banks Morgan Stanley and Carnegie for prospect liability in the OW Bunker case. Thus, the defendant's circle of claims for damages of approximately DKK 767 million is extended to OW Bunker A/S under bankruptcy.
 DONG Energy awards CWind a new contract
11-09-2017 14:00
CWind, part of Global Marine Group, has been awarded a contract by DONG Energy to install new and replace existing ports at the transitions (TP) at Gode Vind and Borkum Riffgrund wind farms in the German North Sea.

 DONG won the world's largest windfarm
11-09-2017 12:00
DONG Energy has been awarded the contract to build the Hornsea Project Two wind farm at the lowest price ever in the UK. With a price of 57.50 GBP/MWh, the price of the CfD contract is 50 percent lower than the previous CfD round just two years ago.

Blue Water gets CEO from Esvagt
08-09-2017 12:00
It will be 51-year-old managing director of Esvagt, Søren N. Thomsen, who will now be head of Blue Water Shipping. He replaces the company's founder, Kurt Skov, who has served as CEO since the beginning of 2016, when the then director resigned.
Cable work in Race Bank almost done
08-09-2017 11:00
All internal cables in the Race Bank offshore wind park have now been placed. The digging work is also close to being completed according to DONG Energy, the owner and developer of the 573 MW project off the North Norfolk coast in the British North Sea.
African protectionism raises concern
07-09-2017 13:15
Danish shipping is deeply dependent on international trade. That is why African countries setting up trade barriers raises concern at Danske Rederier. The EU should speak to the African countries, DanishShipping´s CEO stated at a seminar yesterday.
Scandlines is heading for a potential sale
07-09-2017 12:00
According to the Danish website Inside Business, the capital fund 3i is considering selling Scandlines. 3i allegedly looks for new owners of the company which the capital fund has owned for ten years. standby.dk stated this. The rumors are confirmed by Niels Smedegaard CEO in DFDS.
 Historical wind farm has now been taken down
06-09-2017 14:00
Vindeby wind farm was built in 1991 to demonstrate that it was possible to produce electricity at sea. In this way, the park's 11 wind turbines kicked off in an industry that currently employs 30,000 in Denmark and converts for approx. DKK 90 billion. See how the park is taken down.

 Danish interest in cruise holidays grows
06-09-2017 10:00
An international survey conducted by NBTS NIPO Research shows that 52 percent of Danes in the 30-65 age group are interested in a holiday on a cruise ship. The figure draws attention to the Italian cruise line Costa Cruises, which is behind the survey.

Peter Madsen: Hatch killed Kim Wall
05-09-2017 16:00
The case of Kim Wall, who died on board Peter Madsen's submarine, is commencing in the city court in Copenhagen. Peter Madsen's explanation from the constitutional hearing has been read up. The prosecutor enquires about Peter Madsen's sexual orientation.
New Guide to the Ballast Water Convention
05-09-2017 14:00
The Ballast Water Convention will go into force on September 8, 2017 and all newly built ships must have a ballast water treatment plant. On existing ships, installations will be installed from September 8, 2019 to September 8, 2024. Danske Rederier will launch a new guide with good advice.
Port state control focuses on navigation
04-09-2017 10:30
The two major port state control regimes, the Paris MoU and the Tokyo MoU, focus on navigation safety in a so-called concentrated inspection campaign, which takes place from September 1 to November 30, 2017. The campaign is carried out as part of the routine port state control.
Ship passed through the Northeast Passage to Esbjerg
04-09-2017 09:15
For the first time ever, a ship sailed into Esbjerg Harbor after a trip north of Russia through the Northeast Passage last Thursday. The ship M/V Lian Hua Song arrived at Esbjerg Harbor from Lianyungang, China, from which it departed on August 1st.
 Blue Water manages large transport to China
01-09-2017 14:00
On August 18, Blue Water Shipping loaded 16 components into a major waste incineration plant in Shenzhen, China. The shipment weighed 370 tons and consisted of shelf sections, designed and manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S, for two incineration systems and associated loose parts.

 Nordsee One two turbines from completion
01-09-2017 10:00
The turbine installation phase of the 332 MW Nordsee One wind turbine project in the German part of the North Sea is approaching completion as 52 of 54 Senvion 6.2 MW turbines are in place. This is stated by Reetec, one of the companies involved in the project.

Grounded ship free after 7 hours of tugging
31-08-2017 14:00
It took four tugboats more than seven hours before the Star of Sawara managed to be freed from the sandbanks in Kadetranden, which the ship sailed into two days ago. The ship must now be investigated for damage before it is allowed to continue to New Orleans.
Goldman Sachs plans to sell DONG shares
31-08-2017 12:00
The US investment bank Goldman Sachs has put 7,5 million shares in DONG Energy up for sale, DONG announced in an announcement to the stock exchange on Wednesday night. The sale is through New Energy Investment S.à.r.l. (NEI), indirectly owned by Goldman Sachs.
No hidden compartments in submarine
30-08-2017 12:00
As part the investigation of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall's death, the police have scanned Peter Madsen's submarine for possible secret compartments. However, according to TV 2, the police found none. Police reported the scan on Tuesday.
Panamax aground in the Fehmern Belt
30-08-2017 10:15
The Panama-flagged 225-meter-long dry cargo ship Star of Sawara has sailed aground south of Gedser and is currently detained until a rescue plan is ready. According to AIS data, the ship was on its way to New Orleans when it came off course and sailed aground yesterday at 13 o'clock.
 Vattenfall turbine service put out to tender
29-08-2017 14:02
Vattenfall seeks crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for the construction, operation and maintenance of the 406 MW wind farm, Horns Rev 3, in the Danish part of the North Sea. The vessels will provide transport for technicians between the port of Esbjerg, possibly Hvide Sande, and the wind farm.

 Aker BP gets drilling permits in the North Sea
29-08-2017 10:00
The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, NPD, has granted Aker BP drilling permits for two wells in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. The wells 25 / 2-19 S and 25 / 2-19 A will be drilled using Maersk Interceptor drilling rigs in the North Sea’s production license 442.

DONG prepares Hornsea Project One
28-08-2017 14:00
DONG Energy is currently implementing the necessary preparations to start offshore work at the 1.2 GW Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm, scheduled to start in September. The processors include, for example, removal of stones and potentially unexploded objects, UXO.
DONG signs agreement on wing inspections
28-08-2017 09:00
DONG Energy has chosen Natural Power to provide inspection services on wings at wind farms in Great Britain, Denmark and Germany. The agreement includes 260 wind turbines, where a monitoring program must ensure maintenance and repair status, to ensure optimal turbines.
Esvagt orders new SOV at Havyard
25-08-2017 12:00
Havyard Group has confirmed that a contract has been signed on the fifth Service Operation Vessel (SOV) commissioned by Esvagt, which will be chartered by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind for a period of 15 years to service the Deutsche Bucht wind farm (DeBu) in Germany.
13 mayors require installer arrangement
25-08-2017 10:00
Maritime installers must be included in the same tax exemption from working internationally as Danish crews. This will ensure jobs in the municipalities, 13 mayors say, who in a letter calls on the government to follow the Growth Team's recommendation in this area.
Cable for Kriegers Flak just arrived
24-08-2017 12:00
Denmark's future largest wind farm at Kriegers Flak in the Baltic Sea will now be wired to Rødvig. The project was launched as one of the world's most advanced cable ships, NKT Victoria, ensured that the 45-km long submarine cable was installed in Rødvig.

 Intensified hunt for body parts in Køge Bay
24-08-2017 10:00
Divers from the Navy and conscripts from Beredskabsstyrelsen have started looking for body parts from the killed Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Yesterday, the police published the results of the DNA analysis, showing that the found torso is part of the body of Kim Wall.

Police: Found torso is the body of Kim Wall
23-08-2017 12:00
In a tweet at 6.55, the Danish police announced that there is a DNA match between the torso found on Vestamager Monday and the Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The police holds a press conference at 9.00, where the chief will tell more about the matter.
Solid half-year for Frederikshavn Harbor
23-08-2017 10:00
Frederikshavn Harbor had a profit of DKK 13,1 million in the first half of the year. Revenue has been around 10 percent over budget until June 31, 2017, and half-year earnings are 21 percent above the budget for the first half of the year.
Mayors to fight for DIS expansion
18-08-2017 15:00
Mayors in several Danish maritime municipalities maintain their appeal to Christiansborg to expand the Danish seamen's tax system. It is good news for the coming fiscal negotiations, Danske Rederier believes.
J. Lauritzen advancing in difficult markets
18-08-2017 14:00
J. Lauritzen delivers significantly better operating earnings in Q2 this year compared to last year. But the numbers are still negative. This year the deficit was $6 million compared to a loss of $12.9 million in the same period last year. It is dry cargo that’s spearheading the progress.
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