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EU approves DP purchase of Unifeeder
EU approves DP purchase of Unifeeder
06-12-2018 12:00
The European Commission has approved DP Worlds purchase of the Danish short sea shipping company Unifeeder for a sum of 695 million USD. The investment fund Nordic Capital announced the sale back in August. The fund has owned Unifeeder since 2013.

DHL moves department to Port of Aalborg
07-12-2018 10:00
DHL are in popular demand. The transport and logistics company has grown rapidly in North Jutland through the last couple of years, where the number of employees has grown to more than 60. DHL Global Forwarding in Aalborg are now moving into bigger offices at the Port of Aalborg.
Four can bid on Skagen’s expansion project
06-12-2018 10:00
There are both Danish and foreign companies as well as consortiums among the four applicants who have been pre qualified to bid on the Stage 3 expansion of the Port of Skagen. There were initially 7 applicants who put in a request of becoming pre qualified to bid on the Stage 3 project of expanding the Port of Skagen.
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Wind turbines in the Port of Aarhus
05-12-2018 12:00
A majority in the Aarhus city council has decided to replace three areas that where giant wind turbines were to be established on, with three new locations. One of the locations is the East harbour of the Port of Aarhus. But before anything can be done, an environmental examination has to be done, and nothing is set in stone in regards to placing the wind turbines in the port.
Progress made in building the ÆrøXpress
05-12-2018 10:00
Over the last two years, the ÆrøXpress project has overcome numerous obstacles and challenges. But the building process is now looking bright as the ship is being build in Riga and will arrive at the shipyard Hvide Sande Shipyard around May 1 2019, where the shipyard will spent six months finishing the ship.
 Danish energy cluster opens in Silkeborg
04-12-2018 12:00
Denmark’s new innovation network for energy development Energy Innovation Cluster has opened an office in Silkeborg with the purpose of strengthening innovation in the wind power sector. Denmark is a leading country in the wind power sector, and it is especially in Mid Jutland that many wind power companies are located.

 Danske Havne happy with new finance act
04-12-2018 10:00
Danish trade organization Danske Havne is pleased with the fact that a majority in the Danish Parliament has agreed on a finance act that includes several initiatives that will improve the infrastructure in rural areas – and thereby the access to the country’s many commercial ports.

Esvagt strengthens its position in the UK
03-12-2018 12:00
Esvagt has just signed a contract with Serica Energy to deliver Esvagt Cassiopeia for standby tasks in the Bruce field in Great Britain’s’ central part of the North Sea. This is Esvagt’s seventh ship in the strategically important British offshore market.
Sølling Olsen receives IMO award
03-12-2018 10:00
Former Vice President of the Danish Maritime Authority, Birgit Sølling Olsen will be awarded the International Maritime Prize for 2017 on Thursday December 6. The award ceremony takes place in connection with the meeting of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee.
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Engineers focus on technology of the future
30-11-2018 12:00
Technology of the future and climate change mitigation is the main focus when 1.400 of Denmark’s engineers get together this Thursday and Friday for the Danish Engineers’ Association’s annual business conference, Ajour, in Odense.
Large areas reserved for offshore wind
30-11-2018 10:00
Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt has decided to reserve large parts of Danish waters for the governmental development of offshore wind power. The reason for this is to make sure that the Danish government are able to create more offshore wind power projects in the future.
 Norden conducts test voyage on biofuel
29-11-2018 14:00
Norden has successfully finalised a test voyage with a large commercial ocean-going vessel being powered by CO2 neutral biofuel. * International NGO supports Norden’s attempt to take action and reduce global warming

 Thorco Lineage captain sentenced
29-11-2018 12:00
The captain onboard the Danish driven freight ship Thorco Lineage, which went aground in French Polynesia earlier this year in June after experiencing engine fail, has been given a one year suspended sentence for failure of informing local authorities about the engine fail and that the ship subsequently went aground.

MHI Vestas builds wind team in the US
29-11-2018 10:00
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has hired Jason Folsom for their US offshore wind team. Folsom is the first person that the company has hired on the US market. Folsom joins MHI Vestas Folsom joins MHI Vestas after leading another turbine producer's into the US offshore wind farm market.
Maersk in negotiations for 10 feeder ships
28-11-2018 12:00
According to the Wall Street Journal, Maersk Line is currently in negotiations with Jiangnan Shipyard regarding a contact for five feeder ships. The contract includes the option of another five. The ships will cost approximately 25 million dollars a piece and will have a capacity of 2.200 TEU each.
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Copenhagen Shipping Summit canceled
28-11-2018 10:00
The Danish maritime exhibition and conference Copenhagen Shipping Summit, which was suppose to take place in the beginning of April 2019, has been cancelled. Jakob le Fevre, who along with Jesper Åndahl was in charge of the event, announced this to the Danish maritime media Søfart.
New ferry on Thyborøn and Agger route
27-11-2018 12:00
Following a long test period, the new hybrid ferry that sails between the Thyborøn and Agger – channel sailed for the first time yesterday. The ferry is replacing an almost 40-year-old ferry, which has transported millions of commuters, tourists, cars, busses and trucks across the inlet.
 Royal Arctic gets loan for new ships
27-11-2018 10:00
Royal Arctic Line has made a deal with German government owned development bank KfW regarding a loan of 30 million euro. The money will finance two new general cargo vessels that are being build for RAL in Zamakona shipyard in Spain. The loan has been secured by a Spanish export credit.

 Raba is now ready to be pulled free
26-11-2018 12:00
The 81-meter long freight ship Raba, that went aground last Monday outside a port in Faxe Ladeplads, is nearly ready to be pulled free from the seabed. The dredging boat HenrietteSand spent the weekend unloading Raba from some of its weight and the tugboat Obelix is now near the aground ship.

Stena RoRo sells Swedish flagged ships
26-11-2018 10:00
Stena RoRo are selling their last two Swedish flagged ships Stena Foreteller and Stena Forecaster.
The crewmembers of the separate ships have been laid off. Stena RoRo plans to sell both ships to foreign companies. The reason behind this is that it no longer makes sense economically to operate the ships.
Port donates art to Bornholm Hospital
24-11-2018 12:00
The Port of Rønne has decided to donate new art to the children’s department in Bornholm’s Hospital. The purpose of the art is to make the experience of being hospitalized less scary. The art will make the surroundings more cozy and give a sense of home for the patience, Bornholm’s Hospital writes in a press release.
100 young adults gets a feel of a life at sea
23-11-2018 12:00
00 students who are enrolled in HTX schools (Higher Technical Examination Program) showed up on Crown Seaways, as DFDS made their ship available for the 11th time, for the yearly event SHIP Event 2018. The Blue Denmark’s education campaign World Careers, is in charge of the annual event, and have had great success hosting the events throughout the years.
ONE enters deal with Hapag-Lloyd and MSC
22-11-2018 12:00
Japan’s Ocean Network Express (ONE) line has entered a partnership in their Asia- South America network. The container ship joint venture with NYK, MOL and K Line will initiate cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd and MSC on the commercial route.
 Innovation camps to raise pride
22-11-2018 10:00
Over the course of the next few months, innovation camps will be held for young adults who are enrolled in technical vocational education programs. With support from the Nordea-fund, companies are cooperating with vocational schools and students to strengthen the pride in professional competence jobs by hosting three ’innovation camps’.

 Theme day about workenvironment in ports
21-11-2018 12:00
Danish trade organization Danske Havne hosted a well attended theme day on work environment at Lindø Port of Odense last week. There were several presentation held on workplace inspections, workplace psychology, port traffic, and construction work. 42 people from all over the country participated in the event.

Fjord1 increases income
21-11-2018 10:00
The Norwegian ferry company Fjord1 increased their income to 824,5 million NOK in the third quarter of 2018 from 761,7 million in the same period last year. The increase in income is due to new contracts in the ferry segment. Their final net profit was 193,3 million NOK, compared to 169,3 million in the same quarter of 2017.
Port of Hanstholm reaches milestone
20-11-2018 10:00
The Port of Hanstholm is in the midst of a comprehensive expansion, which includes building a new entrance at the North East entrance, increasing the water depth, and establishing new hinterlands. The first contracts, regarding the ports hinterland areas, have now been signed and one third of the hinterland areas have been leased.
Poland and Denmark agree on demarcation
19-11-2018 12:00
Foreign ministers of Poland and Denmark met today in Brussels to sign an agreement regarding maritime demarcation in the Baltic Sea. The historical sharing agreement between the two countries was made earlier this autumn.
Danish Industry criticizes port decision
16-11-2018 12:00
The Confederation of Danish Industry, DI, released a statement this morning, in which they critique the decisions made to shut down commercial ports in Kolding and Vejle. DI warns about the consequences of shutting down the commercial ports and is going to investigate the politics of the decision to see if the municipalities’ decisions are legal.
 Shipowners happy with foreign strategy
16-11-2018 10:00
Yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, and Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark, Ulla Tørnæs, presented the governments new foreign and security policy strategy for 2019-2020. Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier is happy with the strategy’s focus on a new clear direction for Danish economic diplomacy and support for Danish business.

 Koldings port director shocked by decision
15-11-2018 10:00
The municipality of Kolding’s decision to shut down the commercial port comes as a surprise to port director Anders Vangsbjerg Sørensen. One single city council has decided to shut down the port, and the companies that currently use the port have to move latest in 25 years.

Strong Danish-Indonesian relationship
14-11-2018 12:00
The Danish trade organization Danske Maritime had a good and rewarding meeting last week, which confirmed the already close working relationship between Denmark and Indonesia in the maritime area. In recent years, the Indonesian government has focused on developing the maritime sector, including fisheries and navy.
Brexit deal is good news for Danish shipping
14-11-2018 10:00
Yesterday, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, and European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier made a deal regarding Great Britain’s departure from the EU. The deal is now waiting to be approved by the British Parliaments and EU’s state- and heads of government. This will create the needed peace for negotiating the terms of trade in the future.
HH Ferries becomes ForSea
13-11-2018 12:00
As part of HH Ferries Group’s environment strategy, the two ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora now sail solely on battery power. The company is also changing its name to ForSea in order to make their intentions of becoming the regions most sustainable shipping company as clear as possible
Danish ports among the most effective
13-11-2018 10:00
A new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that Danish ports took 6th place on the list of the world’s most effective ports. But Danish trade organisation Danske Havne wishes keep progressing, and wants to compete with the best. Therefore the organisation seeks political focus and has concrete suggestions to how Denmark reaches the top of the list in the future.
 Damaged feeder ship heading to Gdańsk
12-11-2018 12:00
The feeder ship Mito Strait, which went aground north of Funen last Monday, is on its way to Gdańsk in Poland where it will be checked in at a shipyard. The container vessel left Fredericia on Friday afternoon after it had been emptied for containers, and after the owners had gotten permission from the Danish Maritime Authorities.

 Errors found on Maersk-rig
12-11-2018 10:00
The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) inspected Maersk Drilling's jack-up rig Maersk Reacher from 24 to 27 September 2018 and found 20 errors and aspects that can be improved. The errors were found in the electrical facilities, technical safety field, maintenance, logistics and readiness.

Feeder ship is being emptied of containers
09-11-2018 12:00
The feeder ship Mito Strait, which on early Monday morning went aground in a location north of Funen, is being emptied of the containers onboard. The plan is to tow the ship to Fayard Shipyard once the container ship is empty
MHI Vestas receives unusual order
08-11-2018 12:00
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Parkwind has confirmed an order that involves delivering and installing 23 V164-9.5 MW windmills to the Northwester 2 offshore wind farm located of the coast of Belgium. The installation process is planned to start in the end of 2019.
Hirtshals installs new wave recoarder
08-11-2018 10:00
On November 6, the Port of Hirtshal switched their wave recorder with a new and more advanced model. The new wave recorder is placed outside the Port of Hirtshals’ entry zone, and sends data to a receiver in the port office 24 hours a day.
Aground ship still in Æbelø
07-11-2018 12:00
The 148 meter long feeder ship Mito Strait, which on early Monday morning went aground in Æbelø north of Bogense on Fyn, is still stuck in the same location. Diving investigations have shown that the ship hit ground with such an intense force that the ships screw and rudder was damaged.
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