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J. Lauritzen advancing in difficult markets
J. Lauritzen advancing in difficult markets
18-08-2017 14:00
J. Lauritzen delivers significantly better operating earnings in Q2 this year compared to last year. But the numbers are still negative. This year the deficit was $6 million compared to a loss of $12.9 million in the same period last year. It is dry cargo that’s spearheading the progress.

Mayors to fight for DIS expansion
18-08-2017 15:00
Mayors in several Danish maritime municipalities maintain their appeal to Christiansborg to expand the Danish seamen's tax system. It is good news for the coming fiscal negotiations, Danske Rederier believes.
Norden loses on bulk – gains on tank
17-08-2017 12:00
Norden came out of the second quarter with a loss in dry cargo business of $7 million. However, it is an improvement over the deficit in the same period last year of $11 million. The tank business earned $3 million for Norden.
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Vestas dismantles giant turbine
17-08-2017 09:00
MHI Vestas dismantled its V164 prototype in the Østerild test center for large-scale wind turbines on August 15, after the wind turbine burned out on August 4. The wind turbine manufacturer is now starting a survey to determine the cause of the fire.
Cyber-attack did not lead to loss of customers
16-08-2017 13:00
The violent cyber-attack that caused Maersk Line, APM Terminals and Damco to go down for a couple of weeks has not caused the companies loss of customers. Søren Skou, CEO of A.P. Møller – Maersk said so at the teleconference in connection with the first half-yearly financial statements.
 Swedish finding of object in submarine case
16-08-2017 09:00
Swedish rescue service has found an object in Øresund, which is believed to be related to the case of the submarine Nautilus and the disappearance of a Swedish woman. According to Aftonbladet, informations have been disclosed to the Danish police.

 200 new jobs in Hvide Sande Harbor
15-08-2017 13:00
The large expansion of Hvide Sande Harbor has resulted in the creation of over 200 new local jobs since 2010. It is shown in a comprehensive analysis conducted by the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the Center for Regional and Tourism Research (CRT) for the port in collaboration with Danske Havne.

"Submarine sunk due to deliberate action"
15-08-2017 08:45
Technical studies of the raised submarine, Nautilus, show according to the police, that the sinking allegedly was caused by a deliberate action. Some electronics have been secured from the boat, which has now been sent for further investigation to possibly reconstruct the submarine's route and a timeline for the voyage.
Faroe Islands strives to become a hub
14-08-2017 15:00
The Faroese government has a strategy to make the Faroe Islands a maritime hub in the North Atlantic. The Faroe Islands will be marketed as a kind of service hub for all types of ships with particular focus on offshore vessels.
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Skou: 5-6 major carriers left in ten years
14-08-2017 10:00
In an interview with the Financial Times, Søren Skou predicts that the consolidation among container shipping companies will continue, and it will be expected that there will be 5-6 major shipping companies in ten years. Digitalization can help drive the consolidation, he believes.
Submarine sank after rescue operation
11-08-2017 12:00
The owner of the submarine Nautilus, Peter Madsen, was rescued in a dramatic rescue operation, but soon his submarine sank in Øresund. This is confirmed by the watchman at the Defense Operations Center to TV 2 News. It is still unclear what happened to the other passenger.
 Maersk and Danske Bank in digi-partnership
11-08-2017 11:00
A.P. Møller - Maersk has joined forces with Danske Bank working on a new payment solution, to be developed jointly under the name of Gatetu, the newspaper Børsen wrote. It is a part of APM President Jim Hagemann Snabe's strategy to establish partnerships with digital front runners.

 Maersk Oil reported to the police
10-08-2017 14:00
Maersk Oil is being reported to the police by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency after the company has violated the Marine Environment Act regarding oil extraction in the North Sea, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency writes in a press release.

Ministerial meet at the Oil & Gas summit
10-08-2017 11:00
Two of the government ministers will explain the text when Olie Gas Denmark invites a summit on the future of the oil and gas industry in a world that is constantly working towards greener energy.
Shipping greatly benefits Danish exports
09-08-2017 15:30
Danish earnings exports were sustained by a solid growth in maritime transport, where the 2nd quarter became the best since shipping was hit by rate cuts by the end of 2015. This is shown in new figures from Statistics Denmark, to the satisfaction of Danske Rederier.
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Dan-Bunkering sues Chinese operator
09-08-2017 12:00
The worldwide Danish bunker company Dan-Bunkering is now in the queue of creditors trying to settle unpaid bills from the major Chinese charter operator Sinoriches Enterprises.
Cruise ships create profit for Copenhagen
08-08-2017 13:00
More and more cruise tourists start or end their cruise in Copenhagen, providing six times as much money in the box as transit stays. This is shown in a new analysis from Cruise Copenhagen.
 DanishShipping:DK must ensure sulfur police
08-08-2017 11:00
Denmark must take the lead and ensure that the new rules on reducing the sulfur content of ships' fuels are actually being followed. Otherwise, they may lead to unfair competition, according to Danske Rederier. The rules will be introduced from January 1, 2020.

 Maersk giant to Denmark for the first time
07-08-2017 13:00
It will be Aarhus Harbor, which will make a way for Maersk Line's "Munich Maersk", which belongs to the company's new and expanded Triple-E generation when the ship arrives in Denmark for the first time.

New DONG center will control offshore wind
07-08-2017 12:00
DONG Energy has just taken over its newbuilding operations center next to the Mersey River in Liverpool, from which employees will manage the Burbo Bank offshore wind farm and the new Burbo Bank Extension, which generates enough electricity to cover 310,000 homes each year. The center cost DKK 50 million.
MT Højgaard loses wind turbine case
04-08-2017 12:00
MT Højgaard has been sentenced to pay almost DKK 200 million by the British Supreme Court, for repairs of damage to the foundations of turbines at the offshore wind farm Robin Rigg, owned by E.ON Climate and Renewables.
No environmental risk
03-08-2017 12:00
The Ministry of the Environment rejects that there is an environmental problem with the 30 visible shipwrecks at the Danish coasts. SF and the environmental organization acknowledge that their criticism is based solely on the appearance of the shipwrecks.
Russian naval force back in Danish waters
03-08-2017 10:00
The Russian nuclear submarine Dmitri Donskoi and the cruiser Piortr Velikly are now back in Danish waters after participating in exercises in the Baltic Sea and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Navy's creation on July 30.
 Sea cable worth DKK 15 billion is underway
02-08-2017 13:00
A 516 km. 1.4 GW capacity sea cable shall ensure the exchange of power between Norway and Germany. The joint venture project NordLink between Norway Statnett and German DC Nordseekabel has a budget of 2 billion euros - or DKK 15 billion.

 Half-yearly accounts: DSV doubles result
02-08-2017 10:00
The Danish transport and logistics giant DSV has benefited from the second quarter, with significant growth in both earnings and cash flows. Based on a strong first half-year, DSV upgrades its expectations for the whole of 2017 and launches a new share buyback program of DKK 1 billion.

DanishShipping guarantees internships
01-08-2017 14:00
DanishShipping want to make it easier to organize internships with different shipping companies, and the shipping companies are ready to guarantee 350 internships as part of a comprehensive maritime education package.
Oil pollution after fire must be investigated
01-08-2017 12:00
The violent fire that hit Avista Oil's refinery at Kalundborg Harbor last Monday may have caused oil pollution. Kalundborg Municipality has a "reasonable suspicion" that the waste water may have contained oil residues that can be sown into the soil around the refinery.
Media: Danpilot orders 15 new pilot boats
31-07-2017 14:00
Danpilot has signed a contract for the supply of up to 15 new sea-going pilot boats with Baltic Workboats, Søfart writes. According to the contract, the yard is obliged to supply 11 vessels, while Danpilot has an option for four more pilot boats.
"Progress should not be over interpreted"
31-07-2017 12:00
Following reasonable Q1 accounts from the leading container shipping companies, the positive development apparently continues in Q2, with two-digit percentages progress. But Lars Jensen, SeaIntelligence Consulting warns against over interpreting the results.
 Vestager stops illegal tax rebates for ports
28-07-2017 14:00
Belgian and French ports have for many years received special tax rebates, which EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager now states as illegal. The two countries will adjust accordingly from January 1, 2018, but the ports will not have to pay back.

 Fewer looking at maritime educations
28-07-2017 12:00
The number of young people applying for a maritime education this year has fallen by 12 percent compared to last year. It is shown in the annual statement from the Ministry of Education and Research, published today. This calls Danske Rederier to call for action to ensure sufficient labor in the future.

Trade agreement benefits Danish shipping
07-07-2017 14:00
On Thursday, the EU and Japan agreed on a trade agreement at the 20th EU-Japan Summit. Japan is a billion market for Danish shipping. A trade agreement will further benefit Danish business, and not least Danish shipping, Danske Rederier believes.
A2SEA sold to Belgian GeoSea
07-07-2017 10:00
DONG Energy and Siemens have entered an agreement with the Belgian company GeoSea that GeoSea acquires full ownership of A2SEA. A2SEA will continue to have its headquarters in Denmark and work with installation and maintenance of offshore turbines.
IMO may postpone ballast water rules
06-07-2017 14:00
The participants in a committee meeting this week in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) strongly committed to giving shipowners more time to comply with the Ballast Water Convention. It is suggested that the shipowners have until September 2019 before considering the installation of the equipment.
Maersk Oil's statement is inadequate
06-07-2017 10:00
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has received a statement from Maersk Oil on illegal emissions of chemicals in connection with the oil and gas production in the North Sea. The report is, however, inadequate and the board has given Maersk Oil until August 7 to provide the missing information.
 Maritime companies merge
05-07-2017 14:00
SL Power in Faaborg has merged with Nortech Marine in Hirtshals. The target is 33 new jobs and a turnover of 70 million DKK within three years. The two companies are engaged in servicing motor systems in the maritime world and offshore.

 Panama Canal is important for Danish ships
05-07-2017 10:00
The Panama Canal, which just over a year ago, initiated a brand-new way for much larger ships, is an important transport route for world trade. Therefore, the channel also welcomes the fact that Danish flagged ships are increasingly using the pathway between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

BWS and Vestas in German cooperation
04-07-2017 14:00
Blue Water and Vestas have entered a long-term cooperation in Cuxhaven, Germany. The agreement includes stewedoring, terminal management, coordination of port arrivals and car loading. The Blue Water BREB GmbH consortium will be responsible for daily operations.
New strategic plan for the North Sea
04-07-2017 10:00
Today, the long-awaited oil and gas strategy for the Danish part of the North Sea was unveiled. It is developed in close cooperation between the Danish Energy Agency and the National Geological Surveys for Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).
Maersk Broker takes full control of Lanic
30-06-2017 14:00
Maersk Broker has now bought all shares in the Danish ship broker company Lanic, which the family-owned Maersk Broker has been a major shareholder in for over a year. The acquisition is part of the ambition of expanding the business volume, TradeWinds wrote.
New special ship ready for Kriegers Flak
30-06-2017 12:00
Jan De Nul Group has taken delivery of the Universal Vehicle Adhémar de Saint-Venant, which will start working on the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm next week. The vessel will install two gravity-based foundations for offshore substations in the 600 MW offshore wind farm.
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